White Bathroom Vanity – The Pros and Cons

White Bathroom Vanity – The Pros and Cons

White is the color that represents peace and tranquility. If one were not to take the idiom in a humorous manner, one’s bathroom is a place where people do adjourn to for getting peace and tranquility. No one to disturb one’s thinking when one is in the bathroom; it is a place where many a person would have taken historical or political decisions for sure, if they did confess truthfully. White bathroom vanity would therefore be the most apt setting for ones bathroom if this idea is to be taken serious note of.

White bathroom vanity: Not just design but color too

White bathroom vanity
White bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities for sure have the primary function of being able to accommodate all that clutters up the bathroom, toiletries, towels, scrubbing items etc. All these objects, each of which serves a unique and distinct purpose for the temporary occupant of the bathroom, would need to be stored in an organized fashion. Only then would the bathroom serve its useful purpose that it is meant for. A cluttered bathroom would never give one the experience of peace and tranquility. The bathroom vanities must match the space not only by design but by color also. Therefore, if the floor is of sparkling white tiles it would naturally go without saying that the vanities also have to be of white. White bathroom vanities in such a bathroom are but essential to match and complete the overall set up of the bathroom.

Pros of the white scheme

white bathroom vanity unit
White bathroom vanity unit

Along with the aspect that the color white provides for peace and tranquility, there are other advantages that one would experience by opting for white bathroom vanities. The light that glints off the vanity would add to the overall bright effect of the bathroom. It is quite common a color and therefore the largest variety of designs or styles in bathroom vanities would be found in the color white.  It also comes at a cost much lower than any other color or scheme of bathroom vanity. The color is so common that in case of damage to the vanity, one would find an exact replica of the design easily and swiftly. There would be no need to search extensively and exhaustively for this color scheme on the bathroom vanities.

Cons of the white vanity

granite bathroom vanity
Granite bathroom vanity

The first disadvantage if one wishes to term it so that comes to mind is that white bathroom vanities require more work for keeping them white or clean. Just a spot of dirt shows amply on this color and one has to go for continuous and careful cleaning to keep it shining and blotch free. Being common in color one must not expect one’s bathroom lay out to exude a very unique or distinct look. Most houses may have similar looking bathrooms and this has to be accepted.

White Bathroom vanities are easily found and there is a large range of designs to that are available in this color. All in all this option is quite intelligent to go for instead of opting for other varieties of bathroom vanities which require lots of matching and planning to make them a successful get up of the bathroom.

country bathroom vanity cabinets
Country bathroom vanity cabinets
granite bathroom vanity top
Granite bathroom vanity top
white bathroom vanity with granite top
White bathroom vanity with granite top
granite countertop for bathroom vanity
Granite countertop for bathroom vanity
traditional bathroom vanities
Traditional bathroom vanities
contemporary sink vanity
Contemporary sink vanity

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  1. White is definitely here to stay. With the right designs, white brings-out the beautiful details of a vanity.

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