Ofuro soaking tub – Bath Therapy

Ofuro soaking tub – Bath Therapy

This past week, three of our showroom consultants were hosted for several days by MTI Baths near Atlanta. MTI is well known for its high quality, made in America, custom bath products that range from ofuro soaking tubs to air baths to shower bases and more. While MTI has spent decades focusing on the creation of innovative products of the very best quality, they should also be recognized for their company-wide commitment to expressing gratitude. “We have made a careful study of happiness and have found that being thankful is just about the best way to attain contentment,” their CEO, Katherine Adams, states on their website. They sincerely appreciate their customers and take great strides to take care of their needs and overall satisfaction. This is one of the main reasons we offer this like-minded brand in our showroom.

Ofuro soaking tub

The Japanese ofuro soaking tub pictured in the photo above was in one of the guest rooms at the lodging where our consultants stayed while in Atlanta. There is no doubt that this is luxurious. But besides being beautiful and inviting, it is important to note that an escape to the quiet solitude of a warm bath (no matter what size tub it is) can also lift the human spirit, providing serenity and “a haven to renew and refresh the body and mind. Air bath therapy produces the effect of well-being throughout the whole body. It relaxes the muscles while stimulating the production of our natural analgesic hormones know as endorphins.”

– A Salute to Japanese Bathing, MTI website

While some might rely on multiple shower jets to wash away their cares of the day, there are times when a long, quiet soak in a warm bath can soothe the nerves and perhaps provide a bit of momentary comfort and peace. Go ahead, take a time out. You certainly deserve it.

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