Stainless steel utility sink in kitchen design ideas.

Stainless steel utility sink in kitchen design ideas.

A sink might be the most important part in the modern kitchen. It is the only working area in the kitchen which is used for both: preparation of different meals and cleaning after that. The stainless steel utility sink is apparently the best variant for kitchen design ideas.

Kitchen and utility sinks – why to use stainless steel utility sink?

kitchen and utility sinks
Kitchen and utility sinks black and white
kitchen and utility sinks variant
Kitchen and utility sinks variant


Stainless steel utility sink for modern kitchens
Stainless steel utility sink for modern kitchens

Nowadays stainless steel is considered to be the most famous material for kitchen sinks of all types, forms, sizes and styles. Moreover, stainless steel sinks are more resistant to heat and stains. They are also not as expensive as the sinks made of granite, iron, stone or any other material. Despite the common opinion that quality sinks can be used for more than 10 -15 years they are usually outwearing before. Sinks are not very noticeable when they are perfectly blended with the whole kitchen interior. Since stainless steel utility sink can be made in all possible shapes, sizes and styles, they are considered to be the most modern type of kitchen sinks. These sinks differ from other ones by the thickness of the material they are made from. The sinks which have a higher quality are made from thicker steel. The thickness of the steel is measuring by «gauge» thickness. The steel is thinner when the gauge is higher. The most popular gauge is 18 gauge. The sinks in this gauge can be found almost in every collection of any designer or manufacture. It also effects on the appearance and sound absorption. The sinks with the best sound deadening qualities are made of the thickest stainless steel like 16 or 18 gauge. This kind of steel is also more resistant to cuts and scratches.

Stainless utility sink – buying recomendations

Before buying a stainless utility sink made of stainless steel it is necessary to pay attention to some essential details. Fist of all, the right finish is required. A mirror finish of the sink can be not the best choice since all the cuts and scratches will be very noticeable. It is better to choose a satin or brushed finish so the sink will be looking better and tidier with time. Then, one can choose the design of the sink: whether it will be one bowl or two, with 90-degree corners or rounded, overmount or undermount.

Considering all the mentioned above it can readily be seen that stainless utility sink in kitchen design ideas is actually a very practical and right choice for those who want to safe their money and time. They are durable and long-lived, easy to clean and the bowl can be big enough. Moreover, they have a reasonable price which is definitely one of their best characteristic.



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