Dark hardwood floors and 19 flooring inspirations

Dark hardwood floors and 19 flooring inspirations

Perhaps because of the dramatic effect given by the dark color of the interior has advanced memorable dark and mysterious. With the right blend with the floor, furniture and wall colors, dark colors can give the effect that brightens the home, in contrast to what many people know first, that the dark colors give the impression of bleak into the home. Here are some ideas to mix and match dark hardwood floors for your home, most likely these ideas have occurred to you.

Dark hardwood floors and tile.

Dark hardwood floors and tile


You can “solve” your floor by placing a dark carpet. In addition, you can also combine dark wood color with lighter colored solid wood flooring. Simple example is, when you combine the kitchen and dining room, you can use dark wood floors for the kitchen and use light colored tiles on the dining room floor.

Black tiles will make your bathroom look modern. On the other hand, dark hardwood floors, especially wood you can use for all other parts of your home. So, no need to worry about the dark color. With proper matching, dark floor can be used for a modern or traditional style.

Dark below, light and soft on top.

dark hardwood floor in living room
Dark hardwood floor in living room.

The trick behind creating a bright, fun, and “invite” admiration is the contrasting dark floor with furniture and lighter colored furniture. This trick will keep you focused on light-colored furniture. Neutral tones such as white, gray, and beige can be used as wall colors and furniture. This will keep the balance in the room and make the interior feel brighter.

dark wood floors

black wood floor

Hardwood Flooring

dark hardwood floors

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dark hardwood floors pictures

dark kitchen floors

dark wooden floor

dark wooden floors

dark wood floor

hardwood floor

dark hardwood floor

kitchens with dark hardwood floors

pictures of dark hardwood floors

solid wood floors

wood floor colors

wood floors in kitchen

dark wood floors in kitchen


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