Bathroom Floor Molding: 12 Modern Decisions.

Bathroom Floor Molding: 12 Modern Decisions.

Bathroom floor molding can be made of various materials: ceramics, porcelain and stone. Moldings made of ceramics, natural and artificial stone is most often used in kitchens and bathrooms. Sometimes designers use wood molding with special cover. Vinyl flooring also may use in bathroom design.

bathroom floor molding
Great bathroom floor molding.

Also moldings of natural stone used to frame the floor in bathrooms.

bathroom floor molding
Excellent framing of the bathroom mirror with crown molding.

Molding – this element of the interior, designed to close the gap between the floor and the wall to it from dirt and dust. In addition, attached to the plinth floor covering aesthetic finished appearance.

bathroom floor molding

bathroom tiles and moldings

Professionals that perform quality work on the laying of tiles, it is advised not to save on the purchase of ceramic moldings, especially since they are not as expensive. In addition to the decorative qualities of the finishing element makes it easier to care for the floor tile covering, leaving no trace of wall finishing materials from cleaning.

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bathroom moldings
Interesting shoe molding. Also good idea.
tiles and bathroom floor molding
This molding aesthetically pleasing and perfectly combined with the floor.
bathroom floor molding
Pretty simple bathroom floor molding.
bathroom floor molding and big mirrors
Bathroom floor molding, big mirrors and wide window.
designers bathroom floor molding
Professional designers bathroom floor molding.
floor molding for bath and bathroom
Good floor molding for bath and bathroom with quarter round molding for small bathroom.
marble bath
Luxury marble bath in white tones and floor tiles.

The color of the ceramic skirting floor may differ from the floor as much as possible on a single tone.

bathroom floor molding
Profssional design and lighting for bathroom with beautiful ceramic tile and base molding.


Such finishing material as a molding plays a big role in the whole appearance of any room, it was he who would be imperceptible at first glance the details, which will be the final touch to the interior. In addition aesthetic moldings and performs a purely practical role.


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