Gallery of 19 Best Modern Garden Ideas

Gallery of 19 Best Modern Garden Ideas

Exotic garden with fire pit, willow screens and decking

Decked garden with square table and black stools

Limestone paved modern garden with black sofas and benches and white parasol

Split-level courtyard with patio, lawn and rectangular table and chairs

Cedar playhouse, swing and climbing frame with artificial grass

Contemporary roof garden with decking and box balls

Modernist design decked garden with white planters and glass doors

Sunken decked garden with wirework chairs and round table

Modern garden with slate flooring and hot pink built-in seats and plant containers

Garden patio with statement wall mural, white sofa and white decking

Garden with decking, granite water feature and plants leading to a pool house

Rose garden seating area with stone flooring, glass and metal table and metal chairs

Paved garden with glass sliding doors and wooden picnic bench

Modern patio garden with Carpinus betulus, outdoor seating and leaf-shaped lounger

Modern garden with artificial turf and wooden bench

Decked garden with external kitchen, sun loungers and dining area with bench

Slate-walled outdoor shower

Tree trunk lamp with white lamp shade on wooden decking

White freestanding garden wall in contemporary garden, with tree swing and striped towel




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