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Dear visitor,

We kindly appreciate your interest to site and are ready to cooperate.

For designers and studios, we offer to publish your articles or articles about you on our website. The articles are published under your authorship. Your material must satisfies the following criteria:

  1. The published article is unique and contains no less than 300 words
  2. The topic of the article should correspond with the theme of our resource (interior design, renovation, architecture etc.)
  3. If the article contains the link on your website, the site should be of good quality and belong to you. It is desirable to attach unique image and video in the form of the links (picture can be attached to the letter). If the image is not attached, we choose it according to our preferences.

We do not publish articles that do not satisfy the above mentioned criteria, as well as:

  1. Articles with links to website that do not belong to you.
  2. Articles that contain links to forums, websites of poor quality, MFA, etc.

We have the right to make necessary changes in your article and its design, which are aimed to improve visibility in search engines and make the article eligible for the design and style of our website.

To publish your article, you should send it on the following e-mail:

The article should be formatted in plain text or html. When submitting the article, remember that some attachments will be blocked by our spam filter without any notifications. For advertising agencies and SEO specialists we offer publishing on a fee basis.

For advertise terms and fees please contact us via email

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