12 Shades of Gray Bedroom

12 Shades of Gray Bedroom

Kerry Fidler designed a plush master bedroom with layers of gray silk, linen and shag to be the ultimate retreat at the end of the day.

When interior designer Kerry Fidler remodeled a master bedroom for a semi-retired couple, he created a dreamy retreat filled with finishes, fabrics and furnishings in colors reminiscent of the beach on cool, cloudy days. He bathed the space in natural light by replacing windows with tall French doors, and made it sparkle with mirrors.

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For that special feeling of cozy, Kerry layered sumptuous textiles, balancing smooth, shimmering silk and grainy natural linen textiles upon a foundation of wispy charcoal shag. While outdoors it may be tropical and sunny, in here, it’s always cool and soothing. Kerry recounts the remodeling of this room.

What was at the top of the homeowners’ wish list?

My clients had three requests: to use the color blue, to install a ceiling fan and to reuse the mirror dresser from their former house.

What was the single largest issue addressed in the space?

We wanted the bedroom to have the same basic, peaceful vibe as the rest of the house. The goal was to create an all-around flow with a blended palette of neutral colors – grays, gray-blues, gray-greens, champagne, taupe, etc. – and also give each area a unique set of textures.

Were there any obstacles en route to the final result?

There’s always something. We ordered two wood/stone chests as matching bedside tables, but once the custom bed was placed, we couldn’t fit them both into the space. We were 5″ short, so I improvised on “her” side of the bed with a linen-skirted table.

What are the lessons that you learned from this bedroom remodel?

I learned to be flexible. I would not have chosen certain things my client was adamant about including, yet the client is extremely happy and now I would not change a thing.

What are some of the details that you like the best?

I really like the apron detail on the headboard, the grosgrain trim on the linen side table and the placement of the shagreen desk in front of the mirror.

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