10 Hot Bathroom Design Trends for 2015

10 Hot Bathroom Design Trends for 2015

Let’s explore some of 2015’s hottest bathroom design trends.

Expansive Walk-In Showers.

Would you laugh if I told you that showering is a hot trend? Well, duh — of course it is, and I’m sure you didn’t need me to tell you that. You shower once a day, or at least multiple times per week — whether you need to or not. So does everybody else. Right?

But, seriously, think about it. If you’re showering, that probably means you’re not taking baths. And if you’re not taking baths, it means that you probably don’t need a bathtub. And if you don’t need a bath tub, perhaps that frees up a whole lot of space for a glorious, magnanimously-sized shower. Or so the thinking goes for those who are embracing this hot bathroom design trend in 2015.

These days, people are looking to achieve a more open feeling in the bathroom, particularly when it comes to the shower space. Walk-in showers, also known as “doorless showers,” “curb-less showers,” and “no-threshold showers” are accommodating this trend — and also adding accessibility for anyone, particularly seniors, who might have a hard time stepping up and over to access their showers.

2. Absent Bathtubs.

For a number of reasons, bathtubs are declining in popularity:

Some people attribute it to the growing “green” trend; as compared to showers, baths waste significantly more water.
Some attribute it to the fact that people are leading busier lives, and they can’t be bothered to lounge in the tub when their schedules are overloaded.
Some point to smaller remodeling budgets as the culprit; bathtubs add to the overall expense when constructing or remodeling a bathroom. If the occupants don’t typically use the bathtub, the money that would have been spent on a bathtub is better off allocated elsewhere.

Whatever the reasons, residential architects are reporting that they’re designing and building more bathtub-free bathrooms with stall showers than they have in previous years.

3. Free-Standing Bathtubs.

Not everyone wants to give up their bathtub. For those who do continue to embrace the bathtub in 2015, space-saving stand-alone tubs will be popular choices. Check out spa-jet tubs and serene soaking tubs for a couple of innovative options.

4. Interesting Metallic Fixtures.

Bathroom fixtures are available in a variety of interesting finishes and colors. Look for chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze, not to mention a variety of different warm-colored coppery, brassy and bronze-y metals. Of course, plain old stainless steel is still a safe choice, although it’s not as interesting as it used to be when you look at all the possibilities that are currently available.

5. Hand Showers.

It’s nice to be able to direct the flow of water right where you want it, and hand showers help to enable that.

6. Water-Saving Toilets.

Energy-efficient and cost-saving solutions such as low-flow and dual-flow toilets toilets are currently in high demand.

7. High-Tech Faucets.

Faucets at home are becoming increasingly user-friendly and efficient. Sensor-operated faucets have been around awhile in the hospitality industry, and nowadays they’re making their way into homes as well.

8. Vanities With Sinks.

In the master bathroom, his-and-hers double-sink vanities are particularly trendy for 2015. Two-sink bathrooms are also trendy for bathrooms shared by siblings.

9. Heated Floors.

If you live in an area where it’s cold for much of the year, you’re probably not thrilled at the idea of walking around on cold tile. The solution: radiant heated floors, which are increasingly trendy these days.

10. LED Lighting.

LED lighting is in demand in the bathroom, in cabinets and just about everywhere else in the home.

So there you have it; our list of the ten of the most important bathroom design trends for 2015. We invite you to make good use of this list, whether you are remodeling your bathroom this year, creating a home spa from scratch, building a new home or just freshening up a few details in your bathroom.

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