Unforgettable Black Desert Mansion

Unforgettable Black Desert Mansion

Oller & Pejic Architecture, an architecture firm from L.A. together with Marc Atlan completed the design of Black Desert Mansion. The unusual modern house was nested away from the urban “jungle”, in Yucca Valley, California. Characterised by sobriety, it features an insanely powerful design. Geometric shapes played a key role in creating this impressive dark-coloured desert shelter. Despite the shadowy appearance, it exhales elegance. After all, black is the very definition of grace and style!
House at dusk

The wilderness surrounding Black Desert Mansion enhances the feeling of tranquility and relaxation. Interior feels uncluttered and filled with light and warmth. Walls were replaced with large panels of glass, allowing the sun to find its path throughout the house. “The exceptional quality of silence is unparalleled and the beauty of the dark night sky borders on spiritual. Five minutes from civilization, the site nevertheless gives the sensation of being beyond time.” Boasting straight lines and contemporary furnishing, the interior feels sleek and uncluttered. The team of architects involved in the project intended to create a strong contrast between the landscape and the living space. Naturally, the result is spectacular.

Imposing house

Framing landscape


Stairs and plants

Edgy sunset



Amazing view

Black Desert Villa view

Amazing site

Frame the surroundings

Edges and transparency

Sharp geometry

Geometric shapes

Geometry and transparency


Uncluttered living environmnet

Fireplace and transparent living environmnet

Relaxing view

Kitchen and luscious interior

Bedroom black interior

Bedroom simplicity

Elegant bathroom

Black bathroom with view

Red and black contrast

Exterior lounge area

Swimming pool and surroundings

Edges of the pool

Water in the desert

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