Fresh Living Room Lighting Ideas For your home

Fresh Living Room Lighting Ideas For your home

The way you light up your room will create an immediate impression of your living room since this is the first area guests get into when they visit your house. That is why it is important to design carefully using living room lighting ideas to create a comfortable well lit cozy atmosphere in your living room.

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The following ideas will help you greatly to optimize your living room lighting;

Living Room Lighting Ideas and Natural Lighting.

Light from the sun can be channeled into your living space by having wide windows to let in as much of the light as possible. This is important in improving the room hygiene as far as eliminating bacteria and dust particles. While sunlight is an excellent light source, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Control the light using curtains of appropriate opaqueness to regulate the amount of light that gets in. These curtains also add to the visual appeal of your living room lighting ideas.

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natural light is best idea

natural light may be very bright

Terraced living room lighting

Artificial lighting.

Use artificial sources of light in the form of lamps and chandeliers to create dramatic effects, enhance romantic mood or just for general functionality in illumination.

Artificial lighting

If a lamp is to be used for decorative purposes it should be dimmer than the rest of the lamps. The contrast created enhances the visual appeal. These types of lights should be mounted on the walls for the best effect. However, if they are of miniature size, they can be placed centrally together to form a chandelier.
Artificial lighting for ypur room

Artificial lighting fixtures

Artificial lighting inspiration
If a lamp is for illumination purposes ensure that the amount of light it emits is approximately equal to other light from the other lamps so as to create a steady balance the living room lighting ideas.

Use floor lamps to provide general lighting for your room. Have a light colored ceiling to ensure light from downwards reflects on it for adequate distribution.

Living Room Illumination

Finally, utilize diffuse lamps (which emit ambient light from all directions) to create balance in your living room. However, these should be combined with directional sources of light as they don’t produce any shadows or else the room will look too flat and dull. Diffused lamps should be placed centrally from a vertically strategic position like hanging from the ceiling to give brilliant living room lighting ideas.

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