Here Is For You Some Boys Nursery Ideas And Advices

Here Is For You Some Boys Nursery Ideas And Advices

When a little boy enters his first room he must feel himself calm and comfortable. But don’t forget that one day he’ll become a man and everything he sees and feels now has a big influence on his subconscious. He is already a man, even if he cannot speak or walk yet. However, boys’ nursery ideas are not very different from the girls’ nursery.

The Color.

Remember that the nursery mustn’t be very bright. The color should be in pastel shades , but don’t forget that this is a boy, so nothing pink. Light blue and beige or white, something like that. However, green will do too or another color, that is not very girlish.

The Ceiling in Boys Nursery Ideas.

The chandelier is too dangerous for nursery, remember that. There must be one plafond, or some spot lights. But nothing too bright again, or you are risking to harm your baby’s eyes. You must think about the nightlight anyway, so use our boys’ nursery idea for the ceiling. You can glue some luminescent stickers there. It can be stars, planets or something else. You’ll see the simple magic that those stickers can give.

The Walls.

You’ve already thought about the colors. Now, you must know that the room mustn’t be too pale, and it can be if you are using pastels. A baby boy should learn to focus his little eyes on something, so there must be some contrast pictures or toys. It can be animals or another objects that can entertain little boy. So here is another one of the boys’ nursery ideas. Make big frames with different images of animals and hang them on the walls in the room. It’ll be beautiful and useful.

The Floor.

The babies are discovering the world every minute as they grow. The floor is a part of it. Different textures will help your child, and by the way, this is our next idea, that will not only be beautiful but useful. You can make a training mat with your own hands. Just stitch several pieces of different fabric and fill some of them with different fillings – croup, crumpled paper, foil and etc. You can stitch those fabric pieces in any shape you want. This even can be a hippo as a result. Don’t forget that your boy is only a baby yet. He doesn’t know about all the dangerous things in our world. You should think about that. So move everything dangerous out of the room and all of the tiny things too. Remember that he could take everything into his mouth.

Of course you can find your own boys’ nursery ideas. Besides, every family is different, so you must use your own head and your own imagination.

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