Aluminum Casement Windows for Home

Aluminum Casement Windows for Home

The aluminum casement windows are a traditional style of window commonly found in older houses. These windows, rather than sliding open and closed, are more like small doors with glasswindows: They are hinged and swing open and closed, like a door. Although most casement windows just swing inward so as to open them, some are opened outward by turning the crank on the inside, just under the window. In older homes, aluminum casement windows are by and large the dominant type of window. For example, a number of houses in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s adored the crank style of window.

Ply Gen home aluminum casement windows

Stylish aluminum casement windows

In long time ago, premium aluminum casement windows with wood frames were common; for instance, small, ornamental casement windows were often put on either side of a fireplace or mantle. Unfortunately, as many homeowners find at what time they go to restore the windows in an older home, steel casement windows in older houses are typically odd sizes or shapes. Since most windows in recent times are presented in a few standard sizes, this generally means that in order to get an accurate replacement, then you will need to order custom windows.

You do have a few options at what time replacing the aluminum slider windows in an older home. Depending on the sizes of the original window, you may perhaps decide to replace it with an unlike style of window, like a double hung, or maybe even a window which does not open at all. A different style of window will make it easier to install the screens or a window unit air conditioner, for instance. It is essential to keep in mind, however, that altering the size of a window is a more involved job, and will need some structural work and remodeling, instead of just replacing the standard aluminum casement windows.

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Milgard contemporary aluminum windows for open casement

Aluminum Casement Windows Replacement

Despite these concerns, replacing the aluminum awning windows in your house can have some real benefits. For starters, windows in older houses are typically just single paned. In addition, old wooden frames are generally warped and also tend to have sizeable gaps in them, and many commercial aluminum casement windows will conduct heat, basically taking it out of your house. This combination of things makes the windows in older houses quite ineffective at maintaining a temperature, and therefore can cost you a lot in heating and cooling bills. Just ensure you know what to search for in replacement windows.

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wood and aluminum casement windows


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