19 Exciting Ways to Design Terraces

19 Exciting Ways to Design Terraces

Whether large or small, the terrace can completely change the look and feel of a home. This group of pictures shows 19 varied ways that homeowners can address terraces, create their own unique styles and put different elements together in an effortless way. One terrace looks like it was created in a rock target, erected dead center of a manmade pebble path. Another backyard terrace has a wooden veranda, a geometric themed patio, plenty of seating and even an outdoor bar area. The picturesque veranda by the pool features a glass topped table, swivel chairs and oversized outdoor lamped with built-in storage. From the conventional to the unexpected, beautiful terrace designs come from the designers’ ability to focus on a place made for quiet enjoyment.

Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Secret Gardens

Photo Credit: Coy Gutierrez

design grounded

aquatecture pools

V.I.Photography & Design

Alex Amend Photography

Photo Credit: David Lamb

Peter Ivancovich Landscape Design

Spinnaker Development

Inside Out- Interior & Exterior Design

Plant NJ

JD Design

Ron Herman Landscape Architect

Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design

terraced garden design

terrace garden ideas

terrace design: Anish Motwani Associates


Source: http://www.usualhouse.com/

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