Ideas for Shabby Chic Living Room

Ideas for Shabby Chic Living Room

Shabby chic living room is the most popular interior design where the furniture are chosen from it’s age or the new one is stressed to look like vintage style. It is very suitable for you if you want to make shabby chic design.  At the same time your shabby chic living room design will make interior unique, elegant, beautiful and luxurious. It is wonderful, is not it? You have to think more about it if you want to build a new living room or to make redesign your living room. This design will provide you a great look for your living room and you will not get disappointed with it.


shabby chic living room painted in pink
Shabby style living room in pink color with blue accent.

With the shabby chic design you might to add some touches such as feminine, romantic or a little art if you want make your living room look more antique. The shabby chic style is also available in many colors. You can choose white and soft pastel pink colors to create the feminine style for your living room. If you do not like the pastel pink colors, you can also use colorful design and make your living room more cheerful.

shabby chic living room white
Professional style in white colour with interesting accessories.

You might to use white colors for your living room because it will make you feel calm and refreshing your mind. The room in white colors allows for your mind to rest and to find out the peaceful place in your life.
If you have applied the shabby chic design in white tones, you will be satisfied,because this color is always create a good cozy atmosphere in your house.

Gallery Of Designs With Shabby Chic Style.

Shabby Chic Living Room Decor.

Shabby chic, as a style in the interior, perhaps, the youngest among all the others. He was born in the UK in the late 1980s. Its founder is an Englishwoman Rachel Ashwell, which at the time was engaged in just the interior of your own home. Looking for something original, it wandered through the flea markets and antique shops, choosing a beautiful antique furniture in the “neo-classical” style, “country”, “baroque”, “rococo”. Then Rachel was engaged in bringing it in order, restoring, and giving it a more modern style, but leaving the special spirit and history that these things were filled.

Shabby chic decor in country style with antique chair, sofa and table
Furniture in the interior “Shabby chic” – it was originally a luxurious and elegant furniture, similar to the “Rococo” or “baroque”. Decor use an antique chair and sofa.


Shabby chic decoration of living room for cottage with romantic floral theme and vintage furniture
The charming furniture in the shabby chic style should look like then, many years ago, hit his pomp and bourgeois. Great sample of floral decoration theme.


Chic Furniture For Living Room.

Chic furniture for living room furniture
Pretty shabby chic living room: as for the color of furniture, it is an advantage for white, but can all pastel shades, soft, powdery colors.
living room furniture for cottage house with windows shows a garden
A special luxury gives an antique gold-plated decorative elements of furniture items.

Shabby Decor For Dining Room.

Chic decor for dining room interior in country style for your inspiration
Chic decor for dining room. Speaking of textiles in the interior “Shabby chic” it should be noted, first of all, natural and luxurious fabrics, such as silk.
Chic decoration of dining room
Shabby chic living room: creating interior in the style of shabby chic, we focus on the decor faded and frayed elegant picture frames and paintings, old bronze clock, vases, boxes, boxes, processed in decoupage style, antique porcelain dolls and numerous figures.

Shabby Chic Kids Room.

Shabby chic kids room
Shabby chic kids room must be in soft white tones and provide the feel of comfort and coziness. Sweet design.
Shabby chic children's room
Shabby chic childrens room: great combination of pink and white tones or beige tones allows your child relax and feel safe.

Design With Pastel Colors.

The ceiling does not have to be pure white, but better light. And mandatory element should be a luxurious large chandelier, for example, made of crystal.

Design with pastel colors
Shabby chic living room: design with pastel colors create for you a sense of luxury comfort.
pastel colors for living room
Pastel colors for living room: interesting combination of light brown walls.

Shabby chic style allows you to create a unique interior of your home. Due to the fact that this style uses a lot of small things such as scrapes on the furniture, walls or accessories, you can create exactly what you need.
Hopefully this article has inspired you to bold solutions and help to come up with something original.

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