30+ Cottage Garden Ideas With Different Design Elements

30+ Cottage Garden Ideas With Different Design Elements

If you own a cottage, you are lucky to have a garden too, usually. But to use garden as just a green lawn is a great sin. First of all you can make it much more beautiful than you think, making it the best place for rest. And secondly, you can save your money with its help by growing vegetables and berries in it.

The Water And Cottage Garden Ideas.

Here is the first of our cottage garden ideas – the water.It doesn’t mean a swimming pool, but a pond would be nice for your yard. It is not very creative to organize a little pond with some artificial ducks in it, but you can make something more. A bigger pond with some real water flowers or even ooze and some willows and wild flowers nearby will turn your garden into a magical world. The ivy on the cottage walls and other vertical objects will complete the picture. You can also make a little waterfall in the pond. It can be electrical like little waterfalls for the house but you mustn’t forget about safety and think how to hide the wires. Little waterfall in the pond will be not only visually beautiful; the sound of it will calm you.

Use The Fire As Idea For Yard.

One of the best cottage garden ideas is the fire. The fire calms like the water does. You can make a place for the fire in your garden, put some benches around it and it’ll be your favorite place in the whole world. You can take a guitar, invite your best friends, get some sausages or marshmallows, and organize the most soulful evening with the guitar songs and hot food around the beautiful fire.

The Stone Is Great Idea.

The stone can be used in many aspects of yard design. You can surround a pond or a place for fire with it. But you can also make your own little mountain or even a volcano out of it. Or just make a multilevel flower bed. But when you will decide which flowers to plant, don’t forget about the blossom time each one of the flowers have. Choose them carefully in order to make your flower bed beautiful in every time of the year. By the way, don’t underestimate the natural beauty of the wild flowers that can grow spontaneous between the stones. Let them grow.

The Plants Also Need.

If you want to grow something to eat in your cottage pleasure ground, think of the beautiful and practical way to do it. Multilevel flower bed for vegetables will help. You can make it any shape: round or square. As a result you will have a big green cake or a pyramid that will feed you during the whole year, if you know how to preserve vegetables. However, if you don’t want to take care about different vegetables, during the whole season, plant berry trees. All that you’ll have to do with trees is to cut dry branches in Spring. And of course, a lot of flowers that are planted thoughtfully will always make your garden beautiful.

Don’t forget that decorating the garden, you must think about nature. And if you have your own cottage garden ideas, don’t shy – use them!


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