7+1 Amazing Masculine Living Room Ideas That Will Make Your Home Standing Out

7+1 Amazing Masculine Living Room Ideas That Will Make Your Home Standing Out

If the home is where the heart is then the living room is where the all-important aorta resides, and no self-respecting man can call his house a home – or a crib, pad, digs – without a banger of a cool living room. 

Much like the feminine form, a woman’s living room is generally (and please note we are well aware of our stereotyping) full of curves and colour. A masculine living room by contrast should be decorated with straighter, more angular elements.

Where a feminine living room is bursting with elegantly patterned throw pillows, floral arrangements and sentimental knick-knacks, the male equivalent embraces simplicity, functionality and comfort.

Here’s how it’s done cool living room ideas.


A dude’s living room should be furnished with wood, leather and metal.

A dude’s living room should be furnished with wood, leather and metal. Big and comfortable should describe the couch, and a statement floor lamp must reside in at least one corner of the room. Metal coffee tables and graffiti murals are a couple of other masculine favourites.


Wood is a symbol of strength and raw masculinity.

We talk a lot about wood here at D’Marge, and for good reason. Whether it’s in your pants or furnishing your living room, wood is good! Symbolic of strength and raw masculinity, and touting solidity and longevity in spades, wooden furniture is available in all styles.

From shabby chic (light-coloured, untreated wood) to highly sophisticated (dark, polished hardwoods), wood can adorn the living room via coffee tables, bookshelves, picture frames, or polished floorboards. Make yourself a wooden sofa for all we care (but don’t blame us when you realise it’s the most ridiculous piece of furniture that ever existed). If you go down the hardwood floor route, add warmth and texture with rugs – a quality hide rug would be awesome.

Exposed beams are the pinnacle of wooden wonder, so show off those bad boys if you’re lucky enough to have them over your head.


The epitome of loungeroom masculinity.

Leather is so obviously masculine it should make at least one appearance in every man’s living room. As well as boasting sleek and stylish characteristics, a sumptuous leather couch or recliner will be the centrepiece of the room.

Some sensitive types recoil from the feel of leather on their skin, particularly when settled in for a Netflix marathon on a 40 degree summer day, in which case smaller leather accents are recommended. For example, a leather-topped coffee table (with hidden storage – bonus!) might be more your style.


Don’t be afraid to go old school.

The creators of Mad Men have a lot to answer for, namely, the resurgence of mid-century interior design. Achieve the look with antique of new pieces of furniture, a wood-panelled feature wall, clean bold lines and standout light fixtures or lamps.


Use everything at your disposal to create a real depth.

There are no rules when creating your ultimate living room, but a muted colour palette will work best to create a masculine atmosphere. Black, grey, brown or deep blue accent colours all work well when combined with a neutral base palette.

Earthy tones of brown and green, and even a hint of black, are encouraged. Whatever colour scheme you choose, stick with three or fewer colours (e.g. a white base with accents in shades of blue and grey) to create a cohesive result.

In terms of patterns, get the masculine vibe with stripes, plaid or simple geometric designs.


Own your centrepiece.

Men are often accused of thinking with their, erm, appendage, so take the same approach to your living room by including a oversized piece of furniture or large art work to act as a focal point for the room. A phallic shaped sculpture might be a tad too obvious, so consider and pair of mounted antlers, a huge couch, large statement rug, or massive flat-screen TV.


Refine for a dash of class.

Masculine interiors have come a long way from the days of untreated wood and scruffy simplicity (although there is still room for this aesthetic when done right). Today’s modern man can pluck his eyebrows and have a pedicure after a session at the gym if he so pleases.

When it comes to designing your ultimate living room, there’s no need to deny your extravagant side. In fact, 21st masculine design is synonymous with sleek refinement and sophistication. 


Never forget the pulling power of technology.

If you live with your mum or your missus, you’ll be familiar with that uniquely feminine tendency to conceal game consoles and other tech favourites. Reclaim control of your consoles with a living room that celebrates, rather than hides, your electronic devises.

Think of tech as decoration and display them as such. Where your girlfriend might use her shelves to hold books and plants, adorn your living room shelves with gadgets and controllers. Go all out with a voice-controlled entertainment system, huge flat screen, speakers and PC or laptop.


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