How to reface kitchen cabinets

How to reface kitchen cabinets

If you are thinking about the overhaul, you’ve got to think about kitchen, because it is said to be the heart of the home. Although, if you don’t have a lot of money that would be a problem, because kitchen cabinets are very expensive. There is only one way out – to reface the cabinets. First of all you wouldn’t have to spend so much money and then, it depends only on your fantasy how will your kitchen cabinets look like in the end.

What does it mean to reface the cabinets?

To reface means to change facades. Literally it means that you need to change the doors of the cabinets. But to do that you have to be sure that you like your cabinets’ old insides, because if you don’t, refacing will not help you, and irritation is not a good mood for cooking, so you will have to buy new cabinets anyway. But if you are alright with the insides, you can do it. To reface kitchen cabinets means four options:

  1. To take off the old doors of your cabinets;
  2. To clean everything up (meaning: the doors and the insides);
  3. To do all the work about designing;
  4. To put the doors onto their places.

How to Reface cabinets – Processing

Before doing anything you have to think it through. Think about your future kitchen design. Imagine how your cabinets will look with the doors you want to make, or use a special program to do that. Then choose the materials, think about all pros and cons. Your next option will be shopping. Make a list and then buy everything you need.

You may paint the doors with special paints and lacquers. You can make whatever image you want. Or you can use the tiles as a puzzle. Just break some big tiles and then make a picture out of them. Your next option will be to put some tiling solution on the cleaned doors and put an image you made on that solution. If you are a good carpenter make new facades out of the wood and lacquer them. You can just buy new facades if your cabinets have standard sizes and you found the ones you love. But if you bought them, you’ll have to be very careful with the material trying not to scratch it.

But before doing any work clean the doors and take off old facades. After that clean it again and rub it with sandpaper. Maybe you’ll need a primer. And don’t forget about measuring, they have to be really accurate.

Reface the cabinets – The end of the work

When everything is ready, there is the main and dangerous part of the work. You have to put everything on its place. But to do that you have to be very careful and do it properly. Don’t forget that if anything will go wrong, you’ll have to do all the work from the beginning.

You can do it! Be sure and you’ll succeed! Good luck!



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