53 Best Backyard Landscaping Designs For Any Size And Style

53 Best Backyard Landscaping Designs For Any Size And Style

1 - backyard landscaping designs for small yards
backyard landscaping designs

The French garden is suitable for the backyard landscaping designs. The design is developed by the Italian Renaissance impacts. The garden style is adopted form the principles of the renaissance. But, the garden is incorporated by the own. The renaissance influence and hit the France garden after the 16th century. It was after the redesign of the chateaus’ gardens. The principles were totally new to French. The leading goal of the style was the extravagant first impression to the guests of the well-heeled royals. The elements of the French gardens are concrete railing, fountains, cast iron balcony, pea shingle, simple stylish furniture, cast wood planters, natural rock, antiques furniture, glassy pots, columns, birdbaths, and trellises.

The Italian Renaissance style came in the French garden backyard landscaping designs

french style backyard landscaping designs

The common French garden characteristics are based on the residence, geometric plan, water, parterres, statuary, and terraces. The residences have to be the first focal point for the French style backyard landscaping designs.

The house is the center of the point design by the bulky paths provides an axial view. The second, it is a geometric plan. It is virtually for entire design. The geometric is planned by the symmetry. The third is the water. The water is incorporated element in the landscape. It is suitable in oval, circular, and quadrangular shapes. Fourth, the parterres are hedged shrubs and planting. It is usually designed nearby the proximity residence. Fifth, the Statuary is the key feature in the French garden. Last, the terraces are placed in the entire backyard landscaping designs.

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backyard landscape designs on a budget

backyard landscape design without grass

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