Share Architectural Remodel Makes Location And Views A Priority

Share Architectural Remodel Makes Location And Views A Priority

When modern architecture meets one-of-a-kind views like these ones, the result is always a dreamy home. The Revello Residence is located in Pacific Palisades, in California and actually didn’t always look as stunning as it does now. The house was remodeled by Shubin Donaldson Architects.

The location and the views were the two most important elements behind this design. The architects wanted to make the most of these exquisite features so they made the house feel very open as to embrace the surroundings.

The original house on the site was built in the 1980s and the architects took it apart and then reassembled it. They made it better integrate into the surroundings and better communicate with the landscape.

A large open outdoor space serves as a living area. It has a bar, what appears to be an outdoor kitchen and a sitting area organized around a fire pit.

Large sliding glass doors separate this space from the interior areas.

The house includes an office/ exercise room which occupies an entire floor, a sleeping zone, also spread on an entire level and a living and entertaining area which takes over the ground floor. As you can see, the three-story house is very nicely organized and each function has a separate location.

The ground floor is simple and casual, with large windows and mirrors that reflect the views and make them a part of the whole room. Neutral and light colors are combined with wood accents and sculptural accent pieces.

The kitchen has a long island extension which can be used as a prep space or as a bar. A full wall of storage space and built-in appliances contrasts with the ceiling and stands out with its unique shape.

This tiny dining spot is one of the best seats in the house. It has its own little corner with stunning ocean views and a beautiful hanging light fixture.

Moving on to the middle section, the sleeping level feels extremely relaxing and pleasant thanks to the warm colors and soft textures. The views are, of course, an important part of the design.

The use of natural materials such as wood, stone and marble can be seen throughout the house but becomes more prominent in the bathrooms where takes over the décor.


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