Modern House Design Built of Eco-Friendly Radial Timber

Modern House Design Built of Eco-Friendly Radial Timber

Designed by Australia’s Graham Jones Design, Mt Martha modern house is built of radial timber, selected for its notable environmental and technical benefits. The secret is in the way the wood is cut. Waste not, want not, and radial sawing allows the highest return of timber per log. The timber is also cut from native trees, which reduces greenhouses gases related to transport of goods. In addition to being eco-friendly, radial timber is also durable. The natural finish of this innovative and eco-friendly house encourages the live-off-the-earth sentiment. But that’s not to say any luxury is spared. The magnificent wood and stone that form the facade make their way indoors, where tall ceilings are accentuated by the vertical, floor-to-ceiling wooden installations. Expansive windows naturally brighten interiors, while letting in the scenic views of the garden and patio just outside.









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