Hi-quality Lifestyle: 30 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Hi-quality Lifestyle: 30 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Your living room is where the social part of the home life takes place, a space designed to be used as you decide: entertaining, spending time with family, skateboarding, watching TV, or waiting for Santa Claus while enjoying the jolly fireplace entertaining system. The following examples will help you create your own version of the ultimate living room. Just add … you.

In stead of rummaging through your living room in search of comfort, you could be lounging carelessly in your highly functional living room where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. These living room design ideas guide you through the design maze and help you figure out what actually makes you want to LIVE in the living room.

Always reminding you of what is strictly necessary  – you don’t need much while lounging on your dearest chair or resting on your favorite sofa – a curated living room is like your life’s book you left open before guest’s eyes. But if you ever find yourself in need of anything, it would be a panoramic view of an unrivaled landscape, however it may look to each.

Black Desert Mansion.

30 Living Room Design and decor Ideas

A stunningly eye-catching Black Desert Mansion in California’s Yucca Valley promotes the deeply desired lifestyle in permanent contact with the surrounding landscape. And when you have a view like that, it’s inhumane not to open your flawless living room to nature’s entertaining system. A decadent feeling of awe floods you when you know you’ve made the best of every panoramic angle available around your living room.

NYC West Village townhouse

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Homes are not always dramatic and dazzling, but details make a huge difference even in the most compact spaces. Take this townhouse as example: part of a luxurious NYC West Village townhouse, this comfortable furnishings and colors create a parlor room where socialization is key. The fireplace and floor to ceiling French windows leading to a terrace that overlooks the garden are massively charming, but all the details shape a elegant yet snug living room.

Ecletic Style From Ukraine.

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If you are looking for an affordable way to make your home look like a luxury hotel, remember to have the living room well-organized from the beginning. An eclectic style like the one found in this Ukrainian apartment helps the living room reach its maximum potential. High ceilings , a respectfully chosen color palette, mirrors and translucent drapes smooth out the historic roughness to make way for an elegant living room design.

Luxury Residence from Upper West Side.

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Adding a touch of glamour to your modern living room can inspire your daily activities to become more centered around your own preferences and hopes about the future. This spectacular Upper West Side residence in the luxury San Remo building might have the details you can borrow to add a little bit of five-star luxury to your everyday life.

Transparent Living Room.

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Daring to use glass divider walls in your home could be surprisingly helpful and visually attractive. This Amsterdam apartment boasts a transparent living room designed by Denoldervleugels Architects & Associates, where a neutral color palette was attractively contrasted by dark “separating” frames that add depth to the open floor-plan apartment. This solution allows a visual connection between space that runs all the way outside, thanks to transparency.

Coach House.

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Classy living rooms with a contemporary edge make for unforgettable spaces. The seductive living room example above is meant to inspire a cozy yet elegant feel in a bright and open space. A well-kept old fireplace in a newly re-imagined space like the eclectic Coach House anchors the purity of white walls in the elegant building shell, resulting in a royalty-like appeal.

Colorful Compact Home.

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Living room ideas can come from one-bedroom apartments like this compact home in Manhattan‘s Meatpacking District. An educated eye for details can create colorful spaces that seem larger, brighter, happier. A colorful living room needs simplicity and functionality to be stunning and this one has clearly been thoroughly organized.

Country House In Brazil.

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According to Elle Decor, one of the trends for 2014 is the end of the distinction between indoor and outdoor. Above you have an encouraging example of authentic details captured in an almost transparent living room. This contemporary country house in Brazil showcases a play of contrast and light resulting in an inspiring feeling of freedom.

Colorful Living Room.

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Under a wooden ceiling, a sunken living room rich in colorful details warms up the concrete connection to the outdoors. In a lake shore weekend home like architect Stuart Sampley’s revival of the traditional Texas dogtrot-style architecture, the living room design ideas plays a key role in the overall weekend fun feeling this house bestows on its owners.

Small Appartment In Vietnam.

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Can an 83 sqm family apartment in Vietnam be the inspiration for your modern living room redesign? This particular apartment can. Thanks to its rich décor constructed from a succession of patterned ceramic tiles, this open living room is defining by cheerfulness and good lighting, proving that coziness and spaciousness can beautifully co-exist.

Australian Design Ideas.

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This Australian beach home living room reflects a relaxed atmosphere rich in comforting textures, a balanced color palette and spaciousness inviting to socialization. The teak-dressed Eagle Bay Residence is thus an example for those searching for a way to transform their living room layout into the main social space. With an open kitchen nearby, cooking, eating and lounging become a continuous energetic flow.

Design Ideas From London.

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To understand how a living room shapes our daily life and choices, you need to see the Mews 04 Project in London. This residential bliss gathers people together in a space ornamented with a stimulating mix of Art Deco, minimalism and neoclassicism. The whole light-flooded living room is a tastefully designed collection of details and its arched windows provoke the royal feeling of soothing design.

Luxury Living Room Design Ideas.

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A luxury living room with bold features can keep you on your toes and an eclectic, vibrant mix can mean the difference when it comes to your desire to return to a comforting home. You can make your home look like you’ve hired an interior designer. Redefine elegance by using the right pattern and color combination. Choose the right decorations and details to make your living room luxuriously luminous and enjoy the results alongside friends and family. You earned this.

New Australian Colorful Idea.

D-Max Photography

After you have chosen the right living room layout, colors, patterns, textures and light make all the difference. Keep it lively with natural wood and bright daylight and add details that speak about your life. This Australian home in Perth brings authenticity to the inhabitant’s journey of self-discovery by showcasing a collection of details carefully constructing the story of the owners.

Monochromatic living room.

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A monochromatic living room can easily gather inspiration from nature only to maintain a powerful connection to our natural environment. Prints and textures compose the extra dimension needed to bring a refreshing, cozy feeling to a white living room. Light-colored wood is not only a trendy choice, but also an easy way of earthing the overall living room design.

Contemporary Design From London.

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This penthouse in London featuring an exquisite sophistication borrowed from the city itself might inspire you to create a cozy atmosphere. A sophisticated living room design is composed of light, color, shapes and textures, all colliding at different levels to shape the perfect informal social space.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas From London.

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Modern living rooms are versatile enough to share space with other functional areas, but the way this sharing is done makes a great difference. Located in the heart of a new residential London borough, the inviting apartment displays warm colors enhanced by the bespoke double-sided fireplace’s dancing flames and an eye-catching wallpaper. Furniture and decorations complete the masculine tone, while walnut flooring anchors the design.

Yet another modern London home.

30 Living Room Design and decor Ideas (17)

Living rooms created for sharing social moments and relaxation are easy to spot: the more places to sit, the merrier the social gatherings. Yet another modern London home impresses us with its snug and functional living room. Essential to creating that feeling of home we all search for was keeping the design simple, functional and elegant.

Modern Mediterranean Design .

Architektur und Immobilienfotos

Sometimes the best inspiration comes from the sea. In this particular case, the opulent Mediterranean showcases its gleaming waters from behind floor-to-ceiling sliding doors. An oversized couch, a contemporary fireplace and TV, plus the immensity of an outstanding landscape outdoors make for an admirable living room design idea.

Design Idea From Brazil.

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Heart-warming living rooms like the one flaunted by this Brazilian Loft 44 stretch your mind to never think of comfort quite the same way. Within a spacious area, this informal enjoyment space attracts the eye and soul with an undeniable power. Artworks emphasized throughout, reflective surfaces bouncing light and greenery construct a savage-like vibe.

Scandinavian Design From Stockholm.

30 Living Room Design and decor Ideas (20)

Bright and airy living room design ideas take you on a journey through decorating possibilities. Choosing a neutral color palette spiced up with vivid bursts of color is a smart, creative decor move. Pairing these up with glossy surfaces and extra-comfy sofas and armchairs ensures relaxation is not taken likely. Gathering views of the nearby lake, this Stockholm villa is sure to impact your desires with its brightness.

Textured Living Room.

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Textured living rooms that display different hues can virtually showcase your affinity for a toned down or a vibrant elegance. Choosing to adorn your sofa with pillows, your walls with art and your living room with beautifully functional pieces shows your home is more than a social hub, it’s also a captivating realm where you feel wonderful alone just as you do alongside friends and family.

Transparent Living Room From Singapore.

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Taking as example this Singaporean home powerful enough to recharge you after a hard day, you can create our own dreamy living room. Open towards the garden via glass walls, this semi-outdoor living room proves compact properties can just as well benefit from the sun. There is no longer a delimitation between the garden and the living room, creating a comforting feeling of inseparability from nature, the one that should define us all.

Yet Another Brazil Appartment.

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An open living room imagined for a family of four adorns the Panamby Apartment in Brazil. It accentuates the spaciousness and open nature of this apartment’s floor-plan and offers a social place to spend quality family time whenever you’re not … at the park. A refined geometric theme rules inside this bright and serene family living room. Can you imagine raising children here?

Originally Designed Furniture.

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An L-shaped sofa in the living room next to a robust wooden coffee table entices guests and family to enjoy each other’s company. A socially compact living room with the necessities at hand is preferred to a spacious but cold space. The Brindabella Residence offers a version of this idea, a very warm and sleek design, a hybrid between minimalism, traditionalism and functionality.

Traditional Ideas.

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Traditional living room design can be updated to become an oasis of modern comfort in a busy urban landscape. Look for inspiration in the high-end interior design realm, where homes like this 737 Park Avenue residence hide a world of fulfilled dreams from prying eyes of the fabulous city.

Panoramic Living Room.

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Panoramic living rooms blessed with locations above glittering cities, where birds are the only creatures comfortable reaching these heights, are simply unbelievable. A hillside panoramic living room overlooking San Francisco showcases a very masculine collection of details under high ceilings. Oversized windows transforms city views into a framed, living work of art.

Craftsman style living room.

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Spending time in a craftsman style living room like the one flaunted by an original home in Ohio accentuates the masculine side in everyone. Luxurious gold accents and caramel nuances were carefully matched with leather furniture. Books and maps guide you to see the owners passions, while the simplicity and detailed craftsmanship speak about discipline and recognition.

Use Spacious Living Areas.

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A large, modern space can become a stylish living room with modern flair with the help of an educated and intuitive eye. Spacious living areas open to the outdoors at both ends can easily become a breezeway. Here, inside the P House, simplicity and an organized social area focuses all the attention inwards, uniting people with the same purpose while opening or protecting them from the environment.

Patterned living Room.

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Showcasing an enthusiastic way of living, an elegantly patterned living room design accentuates an adventurous spirit. Colors, geometric lines and patterns provide this otherwise dull space with focal points. This refined Park Avenue duplex in New York gives off a vibe of coziness rather rare in the city.

Any type of living room your might have and any kind of living spaces you might dream of, there’s only so much you can do with design. The rest is up to you: create memories, favorite reading places, habitual meetings with family and friends and you will understand why spaces come alive with time.

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