18 Contemporary White Kitchen Cabinet Design

18 Contemporary White Kitchen Cabinet Design

Cabinets are box-shaped pieces of furniture with drawers or doors intended for storage. Others are stand alone, while some are attached to the wall or built in – in case of modular designs. Today, we will be showing you A Collection of 18 White Kitchen Cabinet Designs that came from different designers and manufacturers. When you take a look at furniture like these, you get to think that may look similar – it’s just that they come in different sizes, materials and in details.

Today, we will discover cabinets having different designs when it comes with the doors or the hardware the door has. Most of the samples we have are made of wood since most often than not, home owners prefer this than other materials like stainless or plastic because it looks more presentable, thus, prettier! Check out the photos of our list, A Collection of 18 White Kitchen Cabinet Designs and leave us comments below!


Chris Greenawalt
Chris Greenawalt

This small kitchen maximizes the available space is has by using open shelving for more storage. The modern handles complement the clean lines of the drawers.

Two Mood Kitchens

Two Mood
Daria Pavlova

Daria Pavlova did a great job in creating an overhanging counter with shelving and glass covers. The modern feel makes it more look pretty, and by the way, this kitchen area has unique mood lighting!


White and Leather Kitchen

Diane Berry

Diane Berry Kitchens

Modern white kitchen cabinetry and worktops and matching cream walls give the space a fresh, clean look.

1918 Cottage Style Farmhouse

Cottage Style
Cliq Studios Cabinetry

Simple white shaker kitchen cabinets, top-of-the-line appliances and fixtures, and floor-to-ceiling cabinet storage make this kitchen a knockout.

Compact Kitchen

Alaris Aberdeen
Alaris Aberdeen Ltd.

These distinctive kitchen cabinets in zebrano veneer contrast with the gloss white floor units and the black floor tiles to create a warm, modern look.

Grey and White Kitchen Style At Home

At Home


This compact kitchen has been kept simple with cream cabinets, but the colorful storage jars and wall clock add a decorative touch.

Sunnyside Road Residence Kitchen

Sunnyside Road

Martha O’Hara Interiors

The kitchen cabinets looks classic with its color and design. The crown moldings make it more glam and pretty!

White and Wood Modern Kitchen

Round House

Round House Design

Limestone flooring complements this cool white kitchen perfectly.

White Kitchen

In toto

In toto

Add a shot of vibrant color in a white kitchen with a glass splashback. This indigo shade gives the light and airy space, along with the hi-gloss material, a contemporary feel.

Classic White Kitchen

Jennifer Hendrickson

Jennifer Hendrickson

An example of a classic white kitchen that showcase cabinetry which is sleek even when the design is pretty much something you can get in your local hardware shop.

Modern Kitchen

Second Nature

Second Nature

This design uses White hi-gloss cabinetry with contrasting Ebony units across the top to break up the block of color.

Matt White and Red Modern Kitchen

Matt Red


Matt-white cabinetry creates a fresh look in this kitchen, with sleek black worktops as a contrast and colorful accessories to brighten up the scheme.

New York Kitchen

New York

Cliq Studios Cabinetry

A stunningly gorgeous white kitchen. Simple white mission cabinets and a long island with marble counters create a nice contrast with the brown hardwood flooring.

Seaside Retreat

Seaside Retreat

Laura Cruse

Clean and Bright details to reflect the ocean view from this kitchen.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Cliq Studios

Cliq Studios Cabinetry

Removing the walls of this kitchen was a major transformation. Now it’s much more spacious, and the beautiful Dayton Painted White kitchen cabinets from Cliq Studios are open to the rest of the home.

White Modern Kitchen

House Design

Round House Design

This sleek white kitchen island has a sink and plenty of storage, perfect for food preparation.

White Red Kitchen

Red Ikea


This modern white and red kitchen has a classic Scandinavian style, with fresh white cabinetry and a vibrant red fridge-freezer.

White with Envy

Jenn Air


A sophisticated way of seeing kitchen cabinets! This space sure is in luck in having a great finish for its cabinets and appliance choices.

Whatever design or archetype you wanted for your kitchen cabinets can be done, thanks to tons of talented designers and manufacturers. You just have to visualize this and tell the designers the details. The list we have indeed covered a couple of archetypes for your perusal – classic, traditional, modern, or contemporary! Please share a little of your time in leaving us comments below about our list of A Collection of 18 White Kitchen Cabinet Designs and 15 Modern Drapes For Your Homes for us to keep improving our lists! Have a great weekend everyone!

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