5 Mistakes Even Design Pros Make

5 Mistakes Even Design Pros Make

Are you feeling down about your interior decorating skills? Perhaps you’ve made a mistake that’s taking a toll on your decorating confidence? Don’t feel bad. Even design professionals make mistakes from time to time. So if you’ve made one of these decorating mistakes don’t worry, you’re in good company!

Choosing the Wrong Paint Color

At some point in every decorator’s career they’ve looked at a completed paint job and thought, “ugh, that doesn’t look the way I thought it would.” Choosing a paint color can be tricky, and it doesn’t get easier just because you’re a design professional.

Sometimes the lighting in the room makes the paint look different than you thought it would, sometimes it doesn’t work in context with the other items in the room, and sometimes it just doesn’t give the room the feeling you wanted. But rest easy knowing that this is a problem many design pros have faced as well.

Following Trends

The lure of trends can be powerful, and even design pros who should know better have been caught up in the excitement and succumbed to a trend they probably shouldn’t have. The problem with following trends is that their very nature means they’ll soon become dated. Also, what looks good in a store window does not always look good when integrated with what’s already in your home. So if you’re the kind of person who likes to have the latest and greatest try to stick with easy-to-change and inexpensive items. That way you can get rid of them when the trend dies down.

Uncomfortable Furniture

When decorating a room it’s easy to get caught up with what things look like.

After all, that’s the basis of design and decorating. But equally as important is how things feel, and uncomfortable furniture feels terrible. Even though design pros know this it’s not uncommon for them to sometimes make a mistake and sacrifice comfort for style. But a trendy or stylish chair or sofa becomes useless if you can’t sit comfortably in it – and given that furniture can be expensive it can be a very costly mistake!

Furniture is for using, not just looking at. So just because something looks great it doesn’t mean you should buy it.

Small living room interior design and contemporary living room furniture

Impractical Choices

Who among us hasn’t made an impractical choice when purchasing something for our home? Plenty of design professionals have admitted to it. It’s easy to fall in love with a quirky or silly item when you first see it, but sometimes when you get it home you realize that it’s totally impractical and just won’t work. No one is immune from making these types of mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you do. Just remember to always keep your receipts and ask about return policies before you buy.

Spending Too Much

Decorating can be expensive and it’s easy to go over budget if you’re not careful. Plenty of designers have gotten caught up in the moment and spent more money on something than they should have. If this happens to you don’t beat yourself up about it. Just recognize the fact that if you over spend in one area you’ll have to make up for it in another. This is why creating a decorating budget is so important. When you inevitably make a mistake you’ll know how to fix it.


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