10 Useful Spring Energy Saving Tips

10 Useful Spring Energy Saving Tips


Most people dread the hottest months of the year. From relying more heavily on our air conditioners to saturating our yards to prevent our lawns from dying to taking seemingly 10 showers a day to de-sweat ourselves, we spend a lot of money keeping our homes and ourselves cool every summer.

Here are 10 of our top energy-saving tips for spring:

1. Ceiling fans

ceiling fans

Install ceiling fans and use them. Ceiling fans can make your rooms feel a few degrees cooler and circulate air to make you more comfortable.

2. Schedule annual air conditioner service

Schedule annual air conditioner service.

This is one of those vitally important tasks a lot of us just forget to do. But making sure your A/C is in peak performance is integral to extending its life and saving you money in the process.

3. Install weatherstripping

Install weatherstripping

Install weatherstripping to close up gaps around windows and doors. Weatherstripping prevents air leaks, which make your home hotter and cause your A/C to work harder.

4. Clean your refrigerator coils

Clean your refrigerator coils

Like clean air conditioner filters, clean refrigerator coils make your fridge not work so hard and prolong its life.

5. Install low-flow shower heads

Install low-flow shower heads

Low-flow shower heads reduce the amount of water you use every time you shower, saving you big over the course of a year.

6. Replace burned out light bulbs

Replace burned out light bulbs

Replace burned out light bulbs with energy-efficient CFLs. CFLs last seemingly forever and use a fraction of the energy you’re use to.

7. Save heat-generating chores for nighttime

Save heat-generating chores for nighttime

Save heat-generating chores for nighttime to avoid making your home unnecessarily hot during the day. Your house is already hot enough. Don’t add to the heat by running dish washers, ovens, clothes dryers, and the like. Run those appliances at night or early in the morning to minimize the effects of the heat.

8. Turn down your hot water heater

Turn down your hot water heater.

This actually saves you all year, but let’s face it .. you could definitely afford to save a few bucks by turning down the water heat this Spring.

9. Dress appropriately

Dress appropriately

Just like you add layers in the winter, wear cool, breathable clothes to prevent yourself from overheating in the spring and summer. Doing so reduces your dependence on your A/C to keep you cool.

10. Do some spring cleaning

Do some spring cleaning

Get rid of excess clothing, old furniture, books you’ve already read, and unused appliances to save some space in your house and keep you cooler.

Now’s the time to start saving on your spring energy bills and get a head start on summer.

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