Some Words About Impressive Venetian Architecture

Some Words About Impressive Venetian Architecture

Today we will talk about one of the most beautiful styles in architecture – the Venetian. Impressive Venetian architecture to this day is admired and conquered by its scale. The architecture of Venice is the most expensive architectural composition in the world. The Venetians are the most respectable robbers of Europe, they compiled from their trophies a genuinely ingenious and unique architectural culture. This culture has a hyper eclecticism style, it combines such forms, which in the measured course of history and the consistent formation of styles would never have happened.

The Grace And Grandeur Of The Unique City.





Come Once And Fall In Love Forever.

The very origin of Venice and the conditions of existence in medieval Europe became the forerunner of the emergence of this unreal city and its culture. This is a fairy-tale city, a dream city, a miracle that arose on the islands of the lagoon in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea. Venice’s landscape is stone, water, and the sun. There is no greenery, but the city is picturesque due to the tortuousness of canals and narrow streets, the variety of colors and decor of buildings, the game of sun glare on the water and thick shadows under bridges.





Unique Nature And Architecture.

The most ancient buildings were preserved on the island of Torcello (Torcello from the Torre – tower), whose name indicates the mood of refugees from the continent. Three-nave Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta (Santa Maria dell’Assunta – Ascension of St. Mary) was started in VII and finished in the 11th century. He represents a fine example of a harsh Romanesque style, the Venetians call it “Veneto-Byzantine”. For all of its existence, Venice has never been rebuilt, so it, so well, preserved its medieval appearance. The architectural designs that were put into practice on the ground, literally flooded with water, astonish the imagination of anyone who saw them. Impressive Venetian architecture and nature in amazing harmony with each other. Here you can travel through the canals or walk along the beautiful streets.






Winter In Venice.

Winter Venice is primarily a changeable weather. Since around the sea, the weather can change several times a day. So dress warmer if you arrive in winter. Especially since in Venice, especially to do more and nothing, except how to walk, walk, walk!

winter 1

winter 2


Autumn in Venice – a magical time when the city becomes even more expressive and mysterious. In Venice, as in all Italian cities with access to the sea, the first month of autumn is a Velvet season. And this is not only the temperature peaks, which are +22 .. + 25 ˚C, but also the gentle waters of the Adriatic Sea, which do not cool below +21 .. + 23 ˚C. Venice can be proud of the high level of development of event tourism. You will see this if you visit the “city on the water” in September and assess the scale of the events taking place in it.

autumn 1

autumn 2

And Some Beautiful Views For You.









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