How to choose the right bed frame and mattress

How to choose the right bed frame and mattress

The right bed design can ensure optimum sleep comfort – this insomnia and back problems are avoided and ensure a full recovery. But what should you know before buying the bed? Some factors play a decisive role in the election.

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If the metal or wooden bed frame is made, actually does not matter. The key is primarily the sleeping area available – at least 80-90 cm for adults and 70 cm for children. This is when you need a double bed, there should be wide between 160-180. The length of the bed should be chosen also according to the own height – with at least 20 cm should be left empty. If you are high for example 1.80, you can choose for a 2Meter long bed.

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Singles who like to invest in a bed, should rather opt for a longer bed design. Usually, the experts recommend a bed height of between 40-60 cm, but this is actually related to your own preferences. Who tests his future bed in the shop ensures that the amount is correct. The headboard should play a decisive role in the choice – often likes to read in bed, and that’s why the back also while sitting in bed can relax.

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The mattress gives support to the body – it is terribly important for the comfort. While she should be tested be sure before buying – if you have an upright back when lying, and in various body positions feel equally comfortable, this is the right mattress For you.The latest Bonaldo beds collection are excellent examples of the successful combination of style and comfort.

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