30 Great Inground Swimming Pools With Waterfall And Natural Stone Decor

30 Great Inground Swimming Pools With Waterfall And Natural Stone Decor

Today we are happy to introduce our readers 30 great inground swimming pools with waterfall and natural stone decor. Such pools are incredibly beautiful, are large and occupy a significant place in the landscape.

A feature of today’s pools is waterfalls. This is a great addition to the large water surface you in the yard as well as a great architectural and design solutions. Waterfall creates the effect of the real presence somewhere in the mountains in the middle of the purest water and nature.

Let’s Create Our Own Natural World.

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With natural stones 12

With natural stones 16

With natural stones 18

Artificial Waterfall And Landscaping.

The multifunctionality of landscape design allows you to make individual elements of streams and lakes in the area, as well as to construct extraordinary waterfalls and combine it all with a swimming pool.

With natural stones 21

With natural stones 22

With natural stones 23

With natural stones 24

A variety of waterfalls can only imagine their huge amount. The examples of designs show us how they can be stunning and beautiful.

With natural stones 25

With natural stones 26

For The Best Results, Use The Natural Stones And Water.

Wall-waterfalls – refers to the walls, which are formed by water jets, in appearance they may be completely different, are most popular string falling down vertically, thereby forming a beautiful water “curtain”. The waterfall itself will make noise and set in motion the entire water surface of the pool.

With natural stones 27


Create yourself extraordinary artificial grotto with a waterfall. This will help to create a sense of coolness and moisture in the hot summer.





An excellent option would be a high wall of which the top stream of water is fly out down. In this case, the waterfall will be high and the sound of water falling into the pool will be louder.




Beautiful Landscape Complexes.

Thanks to modern technology professional designers will create you whole complexes for relaxation with water slides and waterfalls.




In terms of appearance, the natural and artificial stone is not much different. But, to judge the reliability, durability, strength and durability, the natural stone has no equal in use for finishing outdoor surfaces.






The modern swimming pool is no longer just a large container filled with water, and sometimes even a piece of art with a variety of functions. Every owner of a swimming pool wants to be a reservoir was not only practical and beautiful but also unique.





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