Add a touch of nature to your bedroom

Add a touch of nature to your bedroom

In the difficult task of finding the best decoration to our room – which, without a doubt, is the most important area of our House- We have thousands and thousands of options for incorporating and simply don’t know what choose and which rule out… so we want everything! But do not despair; take a deep breath and remember that your bedroom should reflect your personality to make you feel completely at ease. that is the basic principle to know what goes and what not in your room.


If you’re determined to renew the atmosphere of your room and don’t have much budget or time, there is an easy way to give a total twist by adding some nice details. Whether you decide for Feng Shui, by minimalism, Baroque or any other style, it is always necessary to include something of nature in the bedroom.

One of my decorations favorite refreshment of a closed and boring, environment is the natural style because it is not only cool, but gives life and changes the environment almost as if by magic using just a few key elements. In addition, there is so much variety that you will easily find an option appropriate for your needs and space.


Options to create a more natural environment When we talk about giving hints of nature to a space, not simply just add plants everywhere. In addition to ornamental flowers, there are other ways to create a space more in tune with nature.

Natural plants One of the most easy and simple is to add plants to the room. These will not only give a cute green and more oxygen to the space, but that complete those empty spaces, so it is ideal for large rooms.

In this image we can see vases on the tables at night, some front windows and plants on the side of the TV furniture. This room has long entrance light, plants are favored and will always remain green. As only recommendation I tell you that you must water them periodically and prune them so that they don’t grow up too.

In addition to green plants, we can also accompany them flowers. For example, in a completely white room, brightly colored flowers will be the perfect touch for decoration; While in a room with other colors, the flowers should be combined with these.

Murals Another alternative for those who do not have time to take care of plants (already because always are on travel or because they know careless with plants) is to place a giant mural of plants (such as a giant poster). These include a garden of green leaves, flowers or a field.

It is important that you feel comfortable with that view and that this combined with the colors of your room to avoid major changes; You can also supplement with vases and we will see more than cute; as in the picture.

Adhesives This alternative is for the small rooms, those of city in which there is more than space for the bed, wardrobe and tough penalties the desktop. You can place them according to design the window near your bed or that is next to the desk.


In my opinion this option is ideal for children’s rooms because it gives life and they do not have to be held accountable care wall or plants. If you like you can also find this option in the Dino Direct website, the bad thing is that it is sold in England and in euros, but it sent to all over the world, so you can consult prices.


Planters If you like accessories, decorative planters are an excellent choice, as these in different colors that you can find small plants ideal for Department.

You can place them on the nightstand, on the desktop, in the window of the room or bathroom; the only care that must be taken with them is to choose the plant suitable for the intensity of light and proper watering.


Drawings on the wall Alternatively, paint the wall up to a certain height and complete environment with flowers, leaves or branches drawn that give life to the environment without adding too much or plants. A beautiful example is found in this image whose design of leaves in the wall colors are purple and gold.

Bedding The last option is to change your sheets and quilts by others who have a design of birds, branches, leaves or flowers; that is, any element that can add life to the environment. I would recommend this trick for the children’s rooms; are ideal for those who can not make changes in space.





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