Space Savers As Main Part Of Your Design Ideas

Space Savers As Main Part Of Your Design Ideas

The tiny home movement is in full swing, and what’s so amazing about these delightful dwellings is the way they make the most of every square inch and use space in clever ways . Whether you live in 300 sq feet or 3000 square feet, chances are you can still learn something new about how to use space efficiently. Here are a few ideas.

Use Wall Space

Walls are a home’s number one untapped resource. Sure, they’re great for hanging pictures, but in a small space they should be used for much more.

  • Use tall bookshelves that extend to the ceiling or install individual shelves one above the other all the way to the ceiling.
  • Install hooks and hang your bike on the wall.
  • Try a living wall in order to have plants without taking up table or floor space for pots.
  • Hang some of your clothes. That’s right – clothes! If you have some nice pieces that you particularly love (think dresses, skirts and coats primarily), save some room in the closet and try displaying them instead of traditional art. If you love to look at something why hide it away?
  • Hang extra furniture like fold up chairs and tables.
  • Use sconces for lighting instead of table lights.

Use Double-Duty Furniture

Choosing furniture that has more than one use is always a good idea in a small space. For instance, instead of putting an end table next to your sofa consider using a pretty side chair. That way it can double as extra seating when you have guests. Instead of a coffee table use a bench that also has hidden storage. That way you get a table, seating and storage all in one. And certainly consider convertible furniture such as sofa beds.

Choose Skirted Furniture

Skirted furniture is great because not only is it decorative, you can use it to hide stuff. A sofa with exposed legs means you can see underneath, but add a skirt and under the sofa become a place for hidden storage.

Generally exposed legs make a space feel lighter and airier and make small rooms feel bigger, but if you need extra hidden storage skirted furniture is the way to go.

Make Use of Awkward Spaces

Custom shelves are not expensive (they can be an easy DIY project) and you can fit them into awkward spaces and nooks.

If you have a wall that juts out, or an awkward corner where you can’t fit furniture, consider custom shelves to fill the space.

Use the Space Over Doorways

The inches between the top of the doorway and the ceiling are often just the right size for a shelf that can hold books, storage baskets or other knick knacks. If you’re pressed for space make sure you don’t forget to look up!

Use the Doors


Hang hooks on the backs of all your doors so you can hang whatever you want. Cleaning utensils, jewelry, towels, handbags etc. And don’t just use the doors between rooms – the insides of cabinet doors can also provide extra space.

Invest in a Vintage Ladder

You don’t really need to “invest” as these can be picked up for cheap in vintage stores and flea markets. They’re great for storing and displaying things like blankets, shoes, towels and even jewelry.


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