29 Samples Of Interior Doors With Frosted Glass

29 Samples Of Interior Doors With Frosted Glass

Nowadays, the use of glass in the interior is very popular among professional designers. Almost every element of the interior can be made entirely of glass or contain glass pieces. One example is the interior doors with frosted glass. Today, to the attention of buyers a huge selection of glass interior doors of various kinds. All doors are classified on various grounds: on the way of opening, transparency, type of glazing, etc. What are the benefits of glass doors? Firstly, reflecting glass have the modeling capability characteristics. The room with lots of glass surfaces looks more spacious and brighter. Second, the glass doors have a great design, and therefore become a real gem of the house. Third, they are resistant to moisture, so that a problem with the exploitation they are not threatened.

Glass doors look impressive and attractive. Modern glass processing technologies make it durable and safe. Frosted glass doors can be found not only in living rooms, but also in bathrooms, closets and hallways coupe, they are installed in offices, shops and entertainment establishments. Glass light fills the room, gives a sense of freedom, destroys the frame stiffness, visually expand the space. Most harmoniously glass doors look in the interior, designed in the styles: high-tech, techno, minimalism, and other.

Interior doors with frosted glass inserts help find an individual solution for the majority of the premises and will be a real interior decoration. They are capable of transmitting light and sunlight, while maintaining at the same time, the isolation of the entire room, or any of its zones. Frosted glass is sufficiently soundproofed and completely blocks the view from the other side of the door. It may be straight, convex or curved shape, occupy the entire area of the door leaf or portion thereof. Frosted glass doors has interesting look in the bathroom or sauna. Their advantages – 100% humidity resistance and easy care. Do not forget that, getting wet, matte surface becomes transparent, so during installation you should pay attention to the matte side of the door. It should be facing outward.






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