Exterior home renovations: Sample in Philadelphia

Exterior home renovations: Sample in Philadelphia

If the exterior of your home is starting to age gracelessly, it may be time to consider a renovation. Exterior home renovations can offer a great return on investment (ROI) for homeowners interested in selling, and for those who plan to stay put, sprucing up the outside can make turning into your driveway the highlight of each day.


Our ProductsPhiladelphia is home to the Liberty Bell, great food and beautiful residential architecture. This city, resplendent with a variety of residential architectural styles, offers something for everyone. Row homes, which appeared following the fire of 1666, still line the city’s streets, outnumbering all other housing types.

Brownstones, designed using sandstone found in quarries along the east coast, have become a city statement piece as well. It’s interesting that the terms brownstone and row homes are often used interchangeably, but brownstones were constructed with a sandstone facade.

Georgian and Federal style homes were also popular building styles of the past. If they appear similar, there’s a reason. The Federal evolved from the Georgian. Georgian homes typically have a simple box shape and have one or two levels.

Philadelphians also enjoy a wide variety of newer homes, making this a city that offers all residents an opportunity to find the house most suited to their tastes.

Regardless of the type of home you have — row home, Georgian, brownstone or another type — the passage of time, coupled with Philadelphia’s harsh winters, can take a toll on one of your biggest investments. Below we have noted five exterior home renovations projects you can undertake to change the way you, and passersby, see your home.


Create a grand entrance, and an even grander statement, by replacing your entry door. This simple upgrade will improve the curb appeal of your home. Additional benefits of replacing your front door include an improvement in energy efficiency and, as a result of that, may lower utility bills since less energy will be escaping your home.

Today’s fiberglass and steel entry doors combine a great look with the ultimate protection from intruders. Stanek Windows offers entry doors that are custom made and professionally installed. The entry doors are available in a variety of colors, including a rich, woodgrain finish.


Our ProductsOlder siding can wear down, evidenced by cracks, warping, separation from the home and dry rot. These problems can lead to extensive and expensive repair work. New vinyl siding will not only repair damage on the exterior of the home, but also prevent future damage from occurring on the interior.

Today’s vinyl siding offers a great look and maintenance-free durability. Long-lasting color means you can spend your weekends relaxing, not repainting. Stanek’s Prodigy® siding features the best energy savings available as well as a reduction in outside noise. See how new siding and replacement windows can change the look of your home by viewing one of our recent Philadelphia projects.


Our ProductsReplacement windows can greatly benefit homeowners with older residences, particularly when the original windows are single-pane or ill-fitting. However, researching the best replacement window can be a tedious task if you don’t know where to begin. We suggest you begin by reading this article on what to look for in replacement windows.

Next, consider the architectural style of your home. An older brownstone has different aesthetic needs than a newer building. You may even want to design a bay window for an existing window space, which can add dimension to your home.

Matching windows to the style of your Philadelphia home is easy when you shop at Stanek® Windows. We offer custom-fitted windows in more than 24 specially-designed shapes to match the architectural beauty of any home.


Warm days and crisp nights can be best when spent outside. Even the addition of a small deck or sunroom can give homeowners an opportunity to enjoy Philadelphia’s beautiful change of seasons.

To determine if a deck, screen room, three-season or all-season sunroom would be best for your home, consider the benefits of each.

  • Decks offer open air and are less costly than screen rooms or patio enclosures.
  • Our ProductsScreen rooms protect from bugs and some weather elements but when Philadelphia gets cold, so will your room.
  • A three-season room allows you to enjoy your additional living space for a longer period of time than a deck or screen room and protects you from the elements.
  • An all-season room is a completely enclosed space that can be heated, cooled, and enjoyed regardless of the weather. That means extra space in your home 365 days a year.

For visual inspiration and ideas, view these examples of sunroom additions in our photo gallery.


Over time, paint fades and chips. A slight change of color, or even a vibrant new hue, can drastically change the appearance of your home. You can easily pair new house paint with new shutter paint, or replace your shutters as this homeowner did during an exterior renovation. This simple change in shutter color completely overhauled the look of this home.

Ready to add new life to your home’s exterior? Call Stanek Windows at 800-230-8301 today to receive a free, in-home consultation with a professional representative. We can offer ideas, suggestions and design tips for updating the exterior of your Philadelphia home.

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