Some Useful Lighting Ideas For Living Room

Some Useful Lighting Ideas For Living Room

If you think that design of the room is all about the stuff, you are wrong, because the light should be considered too. Actually, it’s all about the light. It depends on light, how this or that color will look like. So be careful and think everything through, choosing the stuff for the room including wallpapers. If you haven’t considered the light, the result could be awful. Besides, the living room is common for the guests and the whole family, so everyone should enjoy being in that lounge. Here are some lighting ideas for living room, which you can use.

Lighting Ideas For Living Room: The Windows.

The first things that bring the light into our home are windows. Nobody could doubt that. Many of us are children deep inside our souls, so we want to have some miracles in our lives. There is a way to see a miracle, thanks to the windows in your home. Lighting ideas for living room the number one is colored glass. You should see how the sunlight is changing your room, when it passes through the window like that. You can paint the glass yourself or use the special glass if there is such opportunity. But don’t forget that your paintings should be transparent.

The Fire.

Sweet Stunning Lighting With Fireplace.


There are many illumination ideas for the night time. If your spirit demands magic – use the fire. But be careful and think about the safe way to use it. The fireplace, for example could bring to your home both: warmth and light. But only candles can make you feel the real magic. The romantic atmosphere appears at once if there are lit candles in the room. And if you put some of them into a bowl with water (meaning candles in special holders) the dance of light on the walls will charm you for sure.

The Spot Lights as Lighting Ideas For Living Room.

Spot Lights.
Spot Lights.

If you aren’t interested in anything, except of just well lit apartment, your perfect solution is spot lights. You can hang them in every dark angle on the ceiling of the apartment, so there will be no way for any part of darkness to slip in. But there are such lamps that are differently colored, and they could be switched on and off separately, so you can make whatever atmosphere you want. However, that lighting ideas for living room is not very economical, or energy-saving. And that kind of lamps couldn’t live long.

The Chandelier.


Usually you can find a chandelier in the apartment that illuminating it up. Using that lighting idea, you can never hurt your eyes. Because in that case, the illumination will never be too bright. But the light you would get will be a little bit yellowish, if you wouldn’t use the day light lamps of course. So take that into account.

The Floor Lamps.

Most people use such lamps only in bedrooms, but they can also be used for lighting apartment. Especially, if you have made a plafond by yourself, out of the wire and fabric or out of something else. However, in that kind of hand-made lights should be used only led lamps, to prevent the fire.

Be careful choosing the way you will light the room with, and firs of all think about the aim you want to reach – beauty, atmosphere or functions.

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