Clerestory windows and interior design

Clerestory windows and interior design

Old style is really fashionable nowadays. Making clerestory windows in your house, you make it look like a castle from a fairytale. You can find a lot of modern alternatives to original variant. And you can see them even on the roof. Those windows have a lot of dignities, which make clerestory a perfect choice for your home, and the most valuable of them are:

  1. it’s bring a lot of fresh air in your apartment;
  2. those windows will make your home lighter;
  3. they are safe for children, because they are too high for them to fall out.

Just A Little History.

This style is associated with gothic cathedrals, we must say that it was born in Egypt. King Salamon has such windows in his palace. After that, big Christian churches begun to use them. There were always a lot of different odors in churches, which made it hard to breathe in there. So, clerestory made a great job by bringing fresh air into the inner space. Not to mention that with glass puzzles they were also bringing a lot of light and beauty in there.

Only then clerestory came to Romanesque and Gothic periods. There were a lot of little churches and big cathedrals that used such windows.

Nowadays, mainly you can find clerestory on factories, or big homes made in Gothic style. However, it is very hard to find true clerestory.

What Is A Clerestory Window?

It mean that it’s hanging above the eye level and was very popular in big Gothic cathedrals. Usually they are situated right under the ceiling and divided in three or four rows of facets.

Its destination is to bring light and air inside the building.

Clerestory Windows And Interior Design.

Talking about design and clerestory windows we must remember about the light they are bringing and the colors that will that light change. So we must think about it while picking the wallpapers or furniture. Especially we must not forget about the mirrors and how they could reflect the light, if we don’t want to get blind.

If you are a woman that always wanted to be a princess in her own castle, you wouldn’t do a mistake by choosing this type of windows. Your home will lead a fairytale in your life. Those windows remind of something magical, something abnormal, not all the time good, but surely amazing.

And if you are a romantic person and you love to lie down and to look on the stars, don’t be sure that it is possible only outside. Just make them in the roof and place your bed under it. You’ll never be disappointed in your decision, because you will lie on your bed and see the sky with its clouds and stars. When you will go to sleep, the sky will show you its new fairytale.

So, if you are a dreamer, clerestory windows are perfect for you.

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