7 Things You Should Never Put in a Living Room

7 Things You Should Never Put in a Living Room

Are you having trouble decorating your living room? Maybe you can’t get it to look quite the way you want? Have a look around and see if you’ve got any of these 7 items. If so, it’s time to clean house! Because these 7 items should never be in a living room.


Futons seem to be a rite of passage for young people living on their own for the first time, but as a general rule they’re not the most comfortable, and definitely not the most stylish pieces of furniture.

Sure, they’re practical for places where you need furniture to do double duty, but futons tend to have a cheap look about them that can be hard to mask. If you absolutely must have a futon (and if you’re over 30 years old you shouldn’t) hide it away on an office or guest bedroom – never put it in the living room.

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BeanBag Chair

The time of the bean bag chair has come and gone. No matter how much they’ve improved over the years, or how much more “stylish” they’ve become, there is absolutely no reason why anyone should have a bean bag chair in the living room. If you have a young child or teenager who really loves them certainly let them have one in their bedroom or playroom, but that’s where it should end. Not in the living room. Ever.

Exercise Equipment

While the effort to be active should be applauded, a treadmill or ski machine has no place in the living room. Nor does a yoga mat, bosu ball, or any other type of exercise-related equipment. If you must exercise in the living room due to space restrictions, make sure to store everything away when you’re done.

And if the living room is the only place where you can put a treadmill, consider giving it up and running in the great outdoors.

Sports Memorabilia

You love your sports team and you want the world to know, and that’s fair. But the living room isn’t the place for it. Instead consider displaying it in a rec room, home office, or wherever you keep your sports equipment.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have definitely gone out of style, and there’s a good reason for it. They’re brittle, full of dust, terrible for allergies, and bad feng shui. While in theory they can seem nice, in practice they just don’t work. Instead of displaying collections of dried, dead flowers bring in something fresh and full of life.

Inspirational Words

Some people love to put inspirational words on the walls, but generally speaking, these 3-D words look dated, tacky, and very cheesy. Rather than hanging words on the walls and making it feel like you live in a 1990s self-help book, find a piece of art that gives you the same feeling and hang it on the wall. Inspiration doesn’t have to spelled out quite so literally.

Overscale Pregnancy Photos

Maternity photo shoots are a great way to capture an important time in your family’s life, but the living room isn’t the place for giant, blown up pregnancy photos. Absolutely go ahead and put smaller photos together as part of a family gallery wall, but leave the giant space above the sofa or mantle for something that suits the room a little better.

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