17 Excellent Space-saving Ideas For Your Bedroom

17 Excellent Space-saving Ideas For Your Bedroom

There is always at least one way to create more space in your living spaces. Of course, a space is not stretchy, but with a few little tricks to get not only “order in the stable” but also more space. In the bedroom, the bed in the eye come first and we start there also same time:

Bedroom furniture idea white red color ideas

1) reduce the size of your bed: be honest, who among us doesn’t dream 254×229 cm by a California King Size bed with the masses, but do we really need it? If not, buy a smaller and the room will thank you.

Contemporary wall colors bedroom house decorating Kilim Vase

2.) Large closets: are room Hick for which there are also alternative. Rollable bed boxes remedy here. That are beautiful spacious, give the room space and more light passes through the room.

small bedroom design ideas

3.) use a futon or sofa bed: small bedroom bring little options. To get the biggest yield, you must think multifunctional. Futon & sofa beds provide a bed sofa bed in one. A good choice for offices, dorm rooms or small apartments with several roommates.

tokyo futon sofa bed

4.) Cabinet organization: they get the maximum out of your closets. The more you there can store, the less lying around in the room. In addition, build a few shelves.

small bedroom idea

5.) room walls for storage: as an alternative to the cupboard or bed box, you can drag a lot of space with open and closed shelves (including the IKEA Expedit) from your walls.

cool bedrooms color palette turquoise wall mirror water blue

6) Murphy bed: the most space-efficient idea. My grandma has one (at 30 sqm of living space a must!). A Murphy bed consists of a Cabinet and folded (hidden) bed, which rest comfortably after the sq space required therefore little more than a metre. Can be used in combination with a desktop module also just fine.

homely bedroom set select laminate flooring wallpaper

7.) Entertainment: If you not do without TV (flat screen) and Hi-Fi in your bedroom, then mount them on the wall. Is not only stylish, but saves precious m ².

wall mount tv in the bedroom

ideas for living color ideas bedroom ceiling striped turquoise white

ikea bed bedroom box

modern bedroom high ceiling wall design color purple

narrow bedrooms dachschraege tv wall wood bed blue accent wall

sleigh bed perfectly simple room bedroom gray color

sleigh bed wood beautifully organic effective

small bedroom ideas and designs

small bedroom ideas

Upholstered bed brown tones as wall color

white black headboard wall color gray laminate floor

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