Bedroom ideas with light wood furniture

Bedroom ideas with light wood furniture

The bedroom is probably one of the most popular places in our apartment. Here we come to rest, shake off the stress of us and give us our dreams. Correct setup of the bedroom is therefore of particular importance. Because already the atmosphere alone should invite you to relax and feel good. The choice of matching furniture, friendly colours and comfortable fabrics plays a decisive role. Of course, the tastes are different: while some want a romantic playful décor, others prefer a classic or modern style. But there is agreement on the point, that the bedroom should radiate a certain calmness and harmony above all.

bedroom decorating ideas light colored wood furniture

We lead you through the jungle of color possibilities, design ideas and furniture options and bring light into the darkness: what furniture will fit to my style, how does my bedroom larger and what has it with Feng Shui in the bedroom? Why do you actually say that plants in the bedroom can be dangerous to your health, and there is the ultimate tip for a good night’s sleep?

Bedroom decorating ideas for colors materials moods

We answer all these questions for you! There are still questions about the perfect bedroom on the heart you? The comment field at the end of the article, or our Forum then uses easy to also get a response. Can I put plants in the bedroom me or not? Many of our friends discourage us. But what’s really behind it? The myth of “No plants in the bedroom” is quickly solved: known absorb carbon monoxide during the photosynthesis of plants and emit oxygen into their environment. In turn the metabolism of the plant consists also that she absorb oxygen and gives off carbon dioxide. If it is dark in the night, the plant photosynthesis is severely restricted and it emitted more carbon dioxide than oxygen.

bedroom decorating ideas light wood furniture

The concern that this amount of carbon dioxide for us is harmful, however considered to be unfounded. On the contrary, in the bedroom, plants contribute also to a healthy room climate. Greening systems are an interesting design idea for the green in the bedroom from Moss and plants that are attached to the wall. So, we have eye-catcher and benefits in one!Bedroom is particularly well suited, to bring his Favorite style of living  to the expression – it is the rustic wooden bed in the country house style or the white, slightly worn-looking wardrobe in the Shabby chic.

bedroom decorating ideas with light wood furniture

And so it works with the Shabby Chic into the bedroom: Helle are the hallmark of the trendy style furniture with an antique touch. The old dressing table by OMA can be staged with not only new, but gets even cult status thanks to its nostalgic charm. In addition to the nostalgic style is one of elegance especially but also comfort, combined with a touch in the shabby. And no piece of furniture embodies these qualities better than a four-poster bed. Thus, each bedroom in the blink of an eye is the mysterious place full of romance.

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What distinguishes the country house style in the bedroom? “Wood” here is the magic word! Distinguishes the country style of the wooden floor of the massive wardrobe oak until going to bed together made from tree trunks – the rustic and natural. It is also not surprising, if you’re a master of wood beside the bed a designer nightstand instead of has or the ceiling is not glass but from pine boards. We introduce here furniture that match exactly this style: favorite color red adorns the living room and the kitchen? Our Tip: outside the bedroom please stop with the color! Because red has an activating effect – and we can make use of rather less in the bedroom, if we want to come to rest. Quiet and understated colours such as Brown, blue or green affect, however, positive and harmonizing our mind. It is also important that the shade is not too bright or too dark.

bedroom ideas colors

Who wants to place his bedroom décor still the icing on the cake, can do so in the form of decals (stickers). In this area you will find a wide variety of motifs, proverbs and other fancy sticky ideas? Bright, small point-shaped wall decals, which give us the feeling to lie under open sky are a special highlight. And the best: wall decals can be usually very easy install and remove again without a trace.

bedroom ideas colours

Our bedroom is rarely a place where we actually just sleep and relax. Rather, the space is used as a storage space: bed linen, books, entertainment and memorabilia are housed here. Applies to organize this space as possible: corners and niches use sense. The bedroom is in the attic, it is, to use the space under the pitched roof. But this we usually face the following problem: in large furniture stores we find no cabinets that fit perfectly to the masses of our roof. The Council of experts is needed here. A variety of experts such as carpenters, interior decorators and interior designers who advise you when buying furniture or even custom-made customize your furniture .

bedroom ideas dark wood furniture

We now have a Cabinet or a shelf in the bedroom, the furniture should bring any unrest in the area. Tidy open cabinets are a must not disturb the comfort. If there is but the one or the other compartment, considered merely as a collection point for everything, it can be easily and quickly cover themselves with a door or a fabric curtain – and already the order at least at first sight is restored.

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