How to Make Your Garage Storage Space Bigger

How to Make Your Garage Storage Space Bigger

Maximizing your garage storage space can be a difficult storage task. Typically, vehicles take up most of the room in a garage, which leaves limited floor space for anything else. However, you can learn how to get the most out of your garage storage with a number of simple storage solutions that take advantage of every available space.

Clean and organize

garage organisation

Many people struggle to maintain neat, organized garages because they have too much stuff in the space and don’t even know what all is in the garage. Before you start searching for storage solutions, go through everything in the garage. Get rid of items that you don’t need anymore and organize the pieces that you want to keep into categories such as tools and kids’ sporting equipment. Designate specific areas for certain items. For example, if you work out in your garage on a regular basis, you’ll want to keep the work out gear easily accessible.

garage organiser

garage organization

garage organisation ideas



garage storage cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most efficient ways to utilize wall space. There is a wide variety of garage storage cabinets available with everything from small wall-mounted units to tall free-standing storage structures. You’ll not only be able to increase the amount of storage space in the garage, but you’ll also keep your items safe and make the garage appear more organized and clean, as there won’t be so much clutter in open areas.

metal garage cabinets

garage cabinets

workshop storage cabinets

Wall panels

garage wall shelving

If you’re not crazy about the idea of cabinets or are looking for an additional wall storage option for certain types of garage storage items (i.e. tools), wall panels can be a great choice. Look for flow walls and pegboards where you can house the garage items that you use most often for easy, quick access. One of the best things about flow walls and pegboards is that they allow for pegs and hooks without the need for screws.

tool wall storage solutions

garage wall storage

shelves for garage wall

Garage shelving

garage shelving

One of the most affordable and simplest garage storage options out there is wall shelving. Make sure that you install sturdy brackets to keep shelves situated properly for housing any number of different items, including bulky, weighty items. Garage shelving comes in all different sizes, allowing you to choose pieces that fit your garage perfectly, even the awkward small spaces that you’ve never been able to use previously.

garage shelving units

garage shelves

garage storage shelves

Garage ceiling storage

garage ceiling storage

When you consider how to get the most out of your garage storage, your mind may not immediately go to ceiling storage. Ceiling storage can be a great choice for any garage but is especially important to think about when garage space is really limited. It is perfect for items that you don’t use very often, such as camping equipment and seasonal sporting gear (i.e. rollerblades, skis).

ceiling garage storage

garage ceiling storage

garage ceiling storage

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