Bedroom design – tips for a relaxed atmosphere

Bedroom design – tips for a relaxed atmosphere

A restful sleep is essential for well-being. While sleeping regenerates the whole body from the rigors of the day before. However, many people suffer from severe sleep problems, so lacks the energy for upcoming challenges. The design of the bedroom plays a role should not be underestimated for a good sleep. Below we have compiled some tips, which make it easier for you conveniently set up the bedroom.

Cream color bed bedside table classic dresser mirror rectangular completely

Bedroom design – bedroom position and temperature To take advantage of a healthy night’s sleep, the full attention must be paid first and foremost the bed. Because the most beautiful bedroom is worthless unless you are wrong in your bed. The correct sleeping position is extremely important to relieve pressure on the spinal column and the locomotor system. The mattress on the slatted frame up to the pillow, all elements must be optimally matched to your body. Depending on body weight, size, and sleep pattern is to select the equipment. What with the purchase of mattresses and co. to avoid and which measures also help sleep problems, in detail, for example, online at the sleep journal. In addition to the proper sleeping position the temperatures in the bedroom will affect much sleep. The ideal sleeping temperature is between 16 ° C and 19 ° C in the night. Regular airing should under no circumstances be waived.

Crystal chandelier wall Quilted bed Lder

Bedroom design – colour choice To get in the bedroom to feel completely, should you opt for peaceful and harmonious colours. While the choice of colour is a matter of taste, but there is no denying that each colour has its individual effect on the man and his being. While Red has a more stimulating and lively, blue and green make for a warm and soothing atmosphere. Generally use more shades, which can have a quiet charisma and in the evening come to rest. For green and blue, bright tones would be recommended. Dark shades are quickly crushing and constricting. Also cream – and earth tones are excellent for sleeping rooms.

cool bedrooms color palette accents grey walls

Should mix multiple nuances, all colors should come from a family of color. In this way, you achieve a harmonious atmosphere. Colorful combinations, however, achieve a troubled impression from several families of color. If you prefer a strong color, limit its use on smaller parts such as a waist-high base or a wall. The use of high-quality wall colors is recommended. Inferior colors contain substantial quantities of substances that favour the so-called “fogging”effect. Explained this phenomenon when the environment is federal.

cool bedrooms color palette accents orange walls

Bedroom design – targeted use of textiles You can use targeted textiles for a welcoming atmosphere. Access to high-quality bed linen, shag pile rugs and soft blankets. With textile accessories, you can specifically influence the spatial concept and create a warm atmosphere. If you like no colored walls, bring color in the bedroom by a tailored selection of textiles. Tune color and style together curtains, rugs, bedding and pillows. The result is a harmonious overall picture.

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Bedroom design – closed fronts for more order A decisive factor for a relaxed atmosphere in the bedrooms and a good night’s sleep is fine. Chaos reigns in the bedroom there are automatically more difficult you will relax. Create order in your bedroom, where you use furniture with closed doors. No or only little open area should be cabinets, chests of drawers and other furniture. Open systems allow direct views of the contents, which appears soon restless for the eye. Even if the Cabinet or shelf content is neatly stowed, succeeds rarely reach a tidy view. Closed doors are better in the bedroom. If this is not possible, by placing curtains between bed and closet system for a separation. You will then receive an orderly impression from the sleeping position. Be sure also to take any “work” in the bedroom. Ironing, documents or things like that, that are connected with work, should not be kept in the bedroom. Generally, the bedroom should be a space where order prevails and relaxation in the foreground.

adorable lake look elegant sleigh bed bedroom

cool bedrooms color palette accents platform bed

cool bedrooms color palette

cool curves sleigh bed looking display

Creative decor pieces add inimitable style and sculptural value to the bedroom

Curtain wall in the bedroom Erlend visual contrast to the space in a trendy fashion

curvaceous sleigh bed hearth bedrooms

dark Dekowand suspended with rectangular elements

Exquisite bedroom employs different shades of gray

Layered pattern textures bring alive the bedroom

Lighting bedroom bed-clothes brown pendant lights

Lighting bedroom bed-clothes purple bed headboard

Lighting wall wallpaper behind bed headboard bedroom

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