40 Wardrobe Ideas Luxury And Style For Every Taste

40 Wardrobe Ideas Luxury And Style For Every Taste

A wardrobe in this style has long been a leader in the interior design. Its design allows you to maximize the space of your room. Such functional things storage system allows you most harmoniously create your interior in a large room and a small. First of all, the doors for opening do not require space since they open in opposite directions. In this connection, it is possible to use the whole area of the room in full. It is also extremely convenient to represent variations built-in wardrobes – in this case the rear wall and ceiling are the parties of the wardrobe. With the acquisition of it is also no problem: the modules can be made as to order and buy in ready-made mode. By the way, the most convenient way to mount built-in closets – it’s niche. A place can be absolutely in any room. Let’s take a look some more details.

Correctly chosen color scheme of the cabinet doors can dramatically change the overall mood of the interior. The use of vibrant colors, such as black or red, will support the rest of the decorative elements, picture, chandelier, cover. And if the doors are designed in soft colors, then they will be organic in any placement. The interior of the living room with a wardrobe is an unusually transformed and expanded visually, especially if the door with mirror or glossy surface. Most often they occur in modern interiors, such as minimalism. It should be noted that in the living room a wardrobe will not only play the role of storage, but also will be the main subject of the interior, making its special atmosphere. The design of doors and its color must be combined with other design elements. If you come to the choice of a highly responsible, the wardrobe will not only decorate the interior, but also emphasize the selected style. In addition, will adjust the size of the room and save a lot of space.

Asu concrete walls dressing room wardrobe with glass doors

Bedroom with walls of glass wardrobe with mirror doors

Bed with high end leather wardrobe in white

black and white decor closet with wood look

bright tones in the bedroom wardrobe with mirror doors

Built-in wardrobe doors with white wooden handle bed

Built-in wardrobe in brown leather armchair

Carpet and rug faux fur white wardrobe

Doors Mirror and white high-gloss finish wardrobe

Doors with silver gloss reading lamp and couch opportunity

Drawers brown leather armchair bed and wardrobe in white

Dressing room with carpet and large closet in Brown

Garden view bedroom with carpet in Brown

Ground floor bedroom closet with wood optics

Leather armchair and on Scooter Stool wardrobe

Leather bed with wardrobe mirror doors wet look

Leather Look Ottoman Bench wardrobe with mirror doors

Leather ottoman round rug in the bedroom

Loft apartment dressing room with wardrobe in white

luxurious wardrobe Carpeted high ceiling

matte and shiny appearance wardrobe doors black armchair

Modern bedroom with white wardrobe

Modern dressing room chair and stool in leather

Mountain landscape modern bedroom wardrobe with mirror doors

Mountain View Villa with modern wardrobe

Pendant lamp with black lantern carpet dressing

round leather bed wardrobe with sliding doors

round ottoman seating wardrobe doors with wet look

Spacious wardrobe and lantern deck chair

striped upholstered furniture with white wardrobe

two four-door wardrobes sisal carpet and chairs in Black

two sliding doors Kledierschrank Bench in Black

Wall cabinet with sliding doors in Taupe color

Wardrobe as a trend wall to the bedroom

wardrobe in white chest of drawers and cushions in red

Wardrobe with floral patterns and figures snowflake bed with leather upholstery

Wardrobe with sliding doors in white

Wardrobe with sliding glass wooden armchair

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