Optimal Usage of Space and Items for Small Bathroom Ideas

Optimal Usage of Space and Items for Small Bathroom Ideas

A large sized bathroom with a king sized bath tub, is what one gets to see in the movies and forms the basis of one’s dream home designs. It is however a very small percentage of people who are able to afford the large space or covered area that make a house to include the large bathroom. For most people however space comes for a price that makes it premium category item. The bathroom which does form the most important place in the house cannot be allotted any large chunk out of that rare commodity called room space. Small bathroom are therefore the best option to go for in such a scenario. One would be able to create the feeling of large space by deigning ones bathroom using the modern small bathroom ideas.

Some small bathroom ideas for effective usage of space


Small bathroom ideas therefore stem, or revolve around the principle of optimal usage of the space available. Intelligent and effective usage of the space would end up giving the illusion of a spacious bathroom. Bathrooms are meant to also store toiletries in an organized fashion. The most common item that one uses in the bathroom for this is a cabinet. But the cabinet takes up space and so an alternative to this would be the pedestal sink. It is true that the space available in a pedestal sink is lesser than that offered by a cabinet or other similar bathroom vanity. The pedestal sink however has the advantage of providing the pace for a faucet and storage in one single block. It gives free space to the bathroom in the process. Though a bathtub is the first choice of most people when it comes to the bathroom, in case of a space restricted bathroom set up, a shower would be the only option that one can opt for. One should not feel very negative about the shower as a comparator with a bath tub. Though the bath tub does make for a real languid lazy bathroom time, a shower with the hot and cold water coming down with force gives quite a therapeutic effect on the body. As part of the small bathroom therefore the shower does fit and have its list of advantages too. While using a curtain shower maybe okay for a large sized bathroom, in the small bathroom ideas, this accessory just cannot be used. The curtain makes the bathroom look smaller than what it is. The idea is to make it look larger than what it is.

It is but logical that in case of a small sized bathroom one must use or place smaller sized items too. The plumbing and pipes for example should be sized down wherever possible. Faucets, taps and sinks too must be of smaller size. Small makes things appear cute, is also to be remembered. Small bathroom ideas therefore should be synonymous to cute items and ideas.





Color scheme of a small sized bathroom


What color scheme one uses in the bathroom would make a big difference in the look and feel of space that one gets in the bathroom? Dark color schemes that absorb the light would give more claustrophobic an effect to the bathroom. Color scheme that reflects light, on the other hand, give it a more spacious look. It concludes therefore that for implementing small bathroom ideas to get the illusion of space would necessitate the color scheme which reflects light rather than absorbs it. Not only the walls but the floor also would need to be made up of tiles that reflect light. The bathroom fittings also, that fall in the scheme of small bathroom needs to be carefully selected for their color scheme. For small bathroom, one may take on colors like white, pale blue, cream for a sure and safe color scheme that would give the illusion of space. One other aspect to be borne in mind for those implementing layout of a small sized bathroom is that wallpaper in such bathrooms is a big no no. After the color scheme has been finalised, the lighting that one uses in the bathroom is also to be studied and implemented. Enough lighting is what one must go for in case of small bathroom ideas. While one needs extra amount of lighting in case of a large sized bathroom it would not be so in case of small bathroom ideas. Too much of light would create a glaring effect and that is not comfortable for creating a relaxed atmosphere. One must never forget that the bathroom is a place where one likes to relax. Tension is left in a bathroom if it is well designed and created. LED strip lighting is a very smart option to implement as light fittings of one’s bathroom. They take less space and emit sufficient light for the space they are fitted in. They also add the jazz of technology with it to the bathroom.





Other aspects to consider


While all these small bathroom ideas would use the space optimally or give an illusion of space, the clutter that actually exists in the bathroom if kept in an organized fashion would add the greatest value by way of space. Keeping the bathroom items together and neatly arranged would give the bathroom a spacious look and feel. This does not entail any extra cost and in the long run actually helps in setting a healthy bathroom discipline amongst all household members. There is the bathroom mirror also which one has to fit in a bathroom. Without this accessory one would never find the bathroom complete. In case of small bathroom intelligent placing of more than one mirror in the bathroom would give the illusion of space. It is to be remembered that mirror reflects and therefore space also would be reflected off the mirror and then reach the eye of the bathroom beholder. Placing one mirror in front of the other where the reflection works in double time, adds more effect of space to the whole bathroom. Decorations that one adds to beautify the bathroom also have to be selected carefully. Small but nice would be the keyword in this case. One can always take advice from professional interior decorators for doing up one’s bathroom. Small bathroom ideas from such professional service providers would be the most beneficial both by way of end result as well as money wise. The charges that interior decorators’ charge for their services may be high and especially so when one thinks bathroom as a space that is not as equal in standard as the other rooms of the house. After all one thinks the other rooms as place to live in while bathroom as one for visit only. This concept if one changes and realizes that the bathroom is the one space in the entire household that every member of the house does go to not once but more than once a day and spends quite some time in it, therefore the money required to hire a professional interior decorator for doing up ones bathroom would be taken as well spent. Interior decorators take up the work of styling and designing not only the living, drawing bedroom and kitchen but also the bathroom space. They are better aware of how important the bathroom is in the entire living routine of a family or household. Any well known interior decorator would therefore work well for advising one regarding the layout of one’s bathroom and especially when it is within less space that the bathroom has to be laid out in. One should not be going about searching for specific bathroom interior decorators as no service provider would advertise thus about their expertise or specialty.

To conclude, small bathroom ideas are something that would not only use the space available in one’s bathroom optimally but also this ideas would encompass such means and methods which give the illusion of space to the existing or available area. One has to apply oneself for deciding the layout and cannot be liberal in the planning stages. It is not only the layout of the existing fixtures of the bathroom but also the way things are laid out and the color scheme of the bathroom that would make the small sized bathroom a complete mini utility package. Packed with lots of fun and frolic, for that is also a purpose that a bathroom serves. Utilizing the services of an interior decorator is wise as the expert suggestions that the interior decorator gives, comes from practical experience and varied ones at that. It would be money well spent and time well utilized if such service provider is called in right from the conceptual stages. One has to remember that bathroom like any other space in the house cannot be remodeled at frequent intervals on a hit and try method. Once done and finalized, the setting has to remain and one has to live with the setting for years and times to come.










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