Assessing your Kitchen Space: Couples

Assessing your Kitchen Space: Couples

Career couples may favor a low-maintenance kitchen filled with work-saving devices, which has enough space to entertain comfortably. Consider how often both partners cook together and look at the style of food you enjoy cooking. Ask if you prefer formal or relaxed dinners. Two people sharing the kitchen may each have different methods of working. Compile a list of individual preferences and try to keep a flexible design. Carefully organize and plan the remodeling schedule for the kitchen and be sure to calculate an accurate budget for the cost of labor and materials.

The paths of two people cooking in a one wall-galley kitchen will inevitably cross. Consider a movable butcher’s block that can be used away from the fixed counters. Bear in mind that different height-partners may prefer to work at different height counter levels for food preparation. If you intend to eat together in the kitchen, choose a pull-out table and folding chairs that allow both partners to sit in comfort but can be stored out of sight when not in use. Make sure that there are enough electrical outlets for both partners to use food preparation appliances simultaneously. A sink with an extra half bowl makes good planning sense as it can be used by one person for washing ingredients without monopolizing the main sink. Plan an eye-level microwave in an appliance stack which is easy to reach by both partners and leaves the counter free. If you have planned an eating area at countertop level, wait for the surface to be installed before looking for stools to make sure that they are a comfortable height for both you to sit at without feeling cramped. Choose a window treatment, such as simple shades or shutters, that is easy to open and close by either partner. This way, shade or full sun can be selected without having to stretch or climb up to reach the mechanism, which can be unsafe to do in the kitchen.

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