10 Lovely Cottage Garden Flowers Ideas For Your Pleasure

10 Lovely Cottage Garden Flowers Ideas For Your Pleasure

Pink Dianthus Cottage Garden Flower
Pink Dianthus.

If you have the luck to own a yard that fits a garden, than you have the possibility to beautify it in lot of different ways. One of the most gorgeous ways of embellishing a yard is, of course, by planting flowers and use the impressive beauty of nature as a decor. Especially cottage garden flowers, that lately belong not only in the countryside, but they are getting more and more popular in cities, house yards and around buildings. Cottage garden flowers display such a warm, rustic appeal, radiate with such charm and natural beauty, and look absolutely adorable. They come in distinctive and catchy blooms, shapes and textures, and quite often they have medicinal or cosmetic purpose, which makes them even more popular. Take a look at the list below, that shows the tremendous natural beauty of cottage garden flowers and how can they embellish your patio or apartment yard in a subtle, charming rustic way. Explore our ideas of cottage flowers and get inspired into creating your own lovely cottage garden. Read on and enjoy!

Achillea Millefolium as Great Cottage Garden Flowers Idea.

Achillea Millefolium - Cottage Garden Flowers
Achillea Millefolium.

This soft and lovely looking flower, with a statement name will contribute to a super serene and all natural look of your garden. Mixes with other cottage flowers just perfect and looks completely adorable.

Cottage Wild Cornflower.

Wild Cornflower Cottage Garden Flower
Wild Cornflower.

The wild cornflower blooms in its best in autumn, embellishing this season with its mesmerizing beauty. This gorgeous, distinctive cottage garden flower is the favorite among bees and butterflies.


Delphinium Cottage Garden Flower

Image Source: Live Master.

Delphinium’s blooming time is very short, but they display such an amazing beauty and appeal, that lasts longer than that.

Gallica Rose.

Gallica Rose Cottage Garden Flower
Gallica Roses – great garden flowers ideas.

Image Source: Agel Rosen.

Very soft and feminine looking flower, named Rosa Rugosa, or Gallica Rose. It stuns with its alluring magenta colored flowers that have a glorious scent and can also complement your indoor space as a cut flower.

Hollyhock – another garden flowers ideas.

Hollyhock Cottage Garden Flower
Hollyhock  also Garden Flower.

Image Source: Hata3Smemo.

This very alluring and delicate flower named Holyhock flower, grows really tall, up to 2 metres,  so it would look perfect right next to a wall.

Johnson’s Blue.

Johnson's Blue Cottage Garden Flower
Johnson’s Blue for Garden.

Cranesbill Geranium, probably more familiar by the name Johnson’s Blue flower, displays a soft bloom in an amazing blue colors, that pairs tremendously well with roses and will most certainly complement your cottage garden.

Lady’s Mantle.

Lady's Mantle Garden Garden Flower
Lady’s Mantle.

Image Source: Welly Woman.

Alchemilla mollis, or Lady’s Mantel Flower is an interesting looking plant with catchy yellow flowers that tolerates extreme weather conditions, and on top of it, it self seeds. Very nice and practical at the same time.


Lavender as Cottage Garden Flowers Ideas

Image Source: Brentano.

Lavender is perhaps the most popular cottage flower, known for its mesmerizing smell and the alluring violet blooming flower, that looks absolutely gorgeous.

Pink Dianthus Garden Flower.

Pink Dianthus as Cottage Garden Flowers Ideas.
Pink Dianthus as Cottage Garden Flowers Ideas.

Image Source: Gallery Hip.

This cute flower with the name Pink comes in various different colors. It is complemented with a gorgeous and also very strong smell, and blooms from early summer till late autumn.

Rosemary as Cottage Garden Flowers Ideas.

Rosemary as Garden Flowers Ideas.
Rosemary as Garden Flowers Ideas.

Image Source: Pxleyes.

Rosmarinus officinalis, known as Rosemary flower is a tremendously beautiful flower. It stuns with its beauty and blooms form mid spring, and is also a real feast to bees and butterflies.

Source: rilane.com

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