16 Amazing Open Plan Kitchens Ideas For Your Home

16 Amazing Open Plan Kitchens Ideas For Your Home

Open Plan Kitchens.

The trend in recent years – to work with the space in the apartment and the house as if there are no walls. The term is called “open plan”, and quickly gained popularity. And as far as it is relevant now? And generally it is necessary to know about the open layout?

First of all, it should be noted that the open-plan aims at integrating several rooms that were previously separated. In modern apartments is most often combined living room and kitchen.

open plan kitchens
Open plan kitchens: this layout provide more light.

If space is not too spacious, you can use design and methods of zoning: using different materials for the walls and floor, colors and textures.

open plan kitchens
Open plan kitchens: this picture shows professional zoning of the open plan apartment space.
open concepr kitchens design
Open concepr kitchens design: decorative walls – the most effective option. On the one hand, this is really a “border”, on the other – can perfectly fulfill the function of the cabinet with decorative elements.

Open Dining Room.

Choosing furniture for the different areas (living room, kitchen, dining room), it is advisable to pay attention to how combined with each other separate objects and collections. This is especially true of furniture. One of the elements must be repeated. Either material, or a combination of colors or shape.

open plan dining room
Great style of dining room: a lot of space and light.
open dining room
Awesome open dining room performance. The bedroom perfectly separated from the rest area.


Make Focal Point For Open Kitchen Design Ideas.

Another visual way to delineate the zone is furniture placement. Expand the sofa back towards the kitchen, or put on the border of the kitchen-dining room and the living room the bar, or look spectacular designer racks, racks – the most common techniques.

focal point
Perfect layout of the furniture.

With respect to the finishing materials you have great freedom of choice. Each zone has the right to uniqueness. But we should not forget that at the boundaries of zones of visual discomfort did not arise from too bright contrasts or quite disparate materials.

open kitchen design ideas
Open kitchen design ideas: every zone of the room must have good lighting.

Family Room.

open plan family room
Open plan family room: interesting professional zoning.


open plan family room
Perfect open plan family room with professional design and stylish furniture.


Closed Kitchen.

closed kitchen
Excellent variant of closed kitchen with kitchen island in the middle. Please note that the kitchen island has a separate lighting.


closed kitchen
Сlosed kitchen with great zoning.

Kitchen Cabinets With Open Shelves.

On the kitchen space you can use different kinds of furniture. Along with the kitchen headsets are very popular open shelves. These design elements are functional and beautiful objects in the design of a kitchen.

kitchen cabinets with open shelves
Open shelves – this is the simplest solution for the placement of household and decorative items.


kitchen cabinets with open shelves
Open shelves are convenient for the hostess – no need to open the cabinet doors and the most necessary items are always located close at hand.


Open Floor Plan.

open floor plan
Open plan kitchens: the color scheme of the kitchen and living room should always be combined with each other. At the same time you can choose different shades of the same color.
open floor plan
Excellent open floor plan. Perfect combination of colors, the lighting is provided separately for each space zone.
open floor plan
Open floor plan: a good example of the zoning with the use of different floor coverings.

Open plan kitchens for those who do not intend to actively use the kitchen, because even the best extractor in the world is not able to cope with frequent cooking smells.
In any case, it will install a powerful ventilation system, you need at interior design. This will allow you to not create uncomfortable conditions for you and your guests. The most important thing in the interior of the open plan kitchen with living room is zoning, which must be implemented so that you did not have the feeling that you are in the kitchen.

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