Give Superb Look to Your Home with French Provincial Reproduction Furniture

Give Superb Look to Your Home with French Provincial Reproduction Furniture

French provincial furniture is a popular style of furniture belonging to a bygone era. This furniture was mostly made in the region of Blois and Orleans of the Loire valley. Although these areas technically are not under France but the French culture and style were very prevalent here. And this made possible the creation of some beautifully crafted furniture, which was handed down in generations. So it is a blend of class with some historic features.

Many of this furniture are still in high demand and original pieces are very expensive and not easily available.

Thus, there is a good demand for French provincial reproduction furniture. Many big furniture companies as well as local artisans create replica designs of these furniture styles.

How Is French Provincial Reproduction Furniture Made?

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The furniture is mostly made of solid wood. Oak, recycled timber and other solid wood is used in whole or in combination to get the old rich and royal look. These are quite sturdy too and will stay for many years. The designs are hand crafted by artisans who specialize in styles of that era. While many standard designs are readily available; one can also get them custom made. First the base is made. then the designs are carved.

Finally, they are polished for the rustic look. Whether the design is simple with standard shapes or intricate work depends on your requirement. As these are hand crafted, it takes usually more time to make them.

Cost of French Provincial Reproduction Furniture

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Cost of the furniture mainly depends on the material and design. Other factors are its availability, demand and how it’s made. Since these pieces of furniture are handmade, they are a bit expensive. Again intricate design work and use of expensive wood would bring up the cost. To cut down the cost you can choose simple designs with the standard shapes used in French provincial style. If the furniture has a unique look then again the prices increases. If you are planning to buy them online, then visit different sites to compare prices.

Where to Purchase French Provincial Reproduction Furniture?

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Many of the auction houses have old provincial furniture. Sometimes you get a good deal in these places. You just need to check the products available from time to time. You need to get them retouched to get a new look or can even go for a rustic look. There are many auction websites also where you can check for these pieces. Not all furniture stores will stock these products. Since the style and design is of a specific period, not many artisans know the work. There are few selected local stores who house this furniture style. Not many ready products are on display but you can order and they can get them done for you. They employ local artisans who master in this art form and can also make custom made furniture for you. Many online websites also offer sale of these furniture. They provide detailed information about the product. It is very convenient to buy from these online sites as the furniture gets delivered to your doorstep. If you do not find a particular piece you are looking for or the size is too small or big, then you can ask them to get it custom made for you.

Things to Keep in Mind If You Plan to Buy French Provincial Furniture Online:

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  • Compare designs and prices on various sites.
  • Read the product information carefully
  • Ask questions to get your doubts clarified before you purchase
  • Read about the return policies
  • Read feedback about the sites. You will mostly find them in related forum websites and social media.

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So, now you can decorate your house with French provincial reproduction furniture, and you can maintain them easily.

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