Bedroom furniture for a vintage look

Bedroom furniture for a vintage look

It is very comforting when the end of the day we got to our bedroom, find us with a welcoming environment that reflects our personality and our preferences. Sharing it with your partner, should not be obstacle so we put our feminine touch with pieces of special design.

And as decoration and the choice of the furniture is essential, it is that they have style and at the same time be useful; for example, a chest of drawers or a vanity with drawers, or an armchair for taking them off us. If what we want is that they reflect a feminine air, it is essential that you choose them in clear, cool tones and pastry, preferably in the range of the roses and the mauves, and if we also want them to be current, please do not hesitate to combine mirror or waxed or natural wood finishes.

cute pink feminine bedroom decoration plus white curtains also chocolate wall paint background

Classic style and retro is what triumphs today. But if your partner is still reluctant to feminine colors, like me and choose pieces in neutrals like beige or white broken, but with sandblasted finish and an air country or vintage. If you want your bedroom to distill a special charm, inspired by the pieces that I have selected to help you get a nice bedroom:

Printable character to the room In intense pink and Luis XV style, it is the dream of every lover of the romantic style and vintage. With a piece like this don’t need most in your bedroom, with the exception of a simple bed (with a headboard of fabric, for example) and a wardrobe.

Elegant feminine bedroom

Similarly, a few (or one) of bedside tables in the same style, also in strong pink, but with detail of wood at the top, are the cute ideal complement for a simple headboard in beige.

Solving storage problems If your bedroom is individual, few meters and only counts with a small corner to place a wardrobe, enter a piece in light pink, as this cabinet, to give the note of color and coquetry, without diminishing luminosity or cramming the space. That Yes, the rest of the furniture and the walls should be white.

Feminine bedroom with an abundance of textures

Job corner If you are thinking about creating a space for study or work inside your bedroom, a Secretary desk is the ideal furniture, white and with a more feminine and vintage style. You can reinforce that air vintage and cute in your room by adding a seat or Chair in the same style or simply with a pink or Fuchsia cushion.

Brown velvet chaise lounge

Useful and decorative: a mirror! This is the example of the piece that we can include in the bedroom of a couple. Subtly romantic, but not recharged. Pickled (as image) wood or metal will help illuminate (because it reflects the light) and will allow you to check your look before leaving home.

Bedroom with artistic details

cheap vintage bedroom furniture sets

Floral details in a vintage bedroom

Mid Century modern bedroom

Mint lacquered side table

Modern elegance in a feminine bedroom

Rustic masculine bedroom

rustic vintage bedroom furniture

Shabby chic bedding

used vintage bedroom furniture

vintage bedroom furniture styles

Vintage eclectic bedroom

vintage retro bedroom furniture

vintage romantic bedroom furniture

Vintage style bedroom

vintage treasures bedroom furniture

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