20 Creative College Apartment Decor Ideas

20 Creative College Apartment Decor Ideas

Remember your old days as a college kid? Small bedrooms, crowded studios and smelly rooms. No decor, just some random furniture thrown around. All you did was studying anyway (yeah, right…).

We take a look at the current interior designs that are making a success among college students and let us give you a small heads up: kids have become better at it. The decor in these rooms might rekindle some memories or maybe even cause some envy.

1. Super space saving decor

Space Saving decor mod

There’s a lot of storage space and it’s still super comfortable and spacious. The perfect design for a small and shared college bedroom (and for people who hate bunk beds).

2. Vibrant college kid’s room

The Vibrant college kid's room mod

Colorful and messy: a college bedroom tradition with a touch of good taste.

3. Vintage car lover’s room decor

Vintage car lovers room decor

The perfect room for a lonely boy, a game player with some secrets and the need of introspective moments.

4. Art lover’s room

Art Lover's Room mod

Everyone had “that” friend in school: the one crazy about art and design, who spent hours hanging posters in his college bedroom and looking for the new hottest trends.

5. Cool tap

Cool Tap mod

Little details can make a huge difference. Like this funny whale tap accessory, for instance.

6. College room hot tub

College Room Hot Tub mod

We’re pretty sure that this is not allowed in any college dorm, but at least they have a hot tub. And, soon, a tsunami.

7. For the ones who need to be awesome

The PlayRoom mod

This “decor” requires some space, but if you manage to put it in your college bedroom you are going to be the king of awesomeness!

8. We serve dinner at 7

Room Menu mod

How did they get this huge poster into their kitchen? No idea… But it’s super cool!

9. Smart cable labeling

smart cable labels mod

Organization is the best friend of any good decoration. This is a great idea to organize your cables.

10. The private chambers

privacy pop College Bed mod

Need a new bed for your shared college room? Awesomeness, comfort and privacy at the same time.

11. College fire extinguisher

College Fire Extinguisher mod

Well, it’s something… It could be a big bottle, at least.

12. Weekend ball pit room

weekend ball pit room

College bedroom or kid’s crazy birthday party? You decide.

13. Peep hole camera

Peep Hole Cam mod

Homemade surveillance system on the way! Or you can just get one of these.

14. Homemade couch

Home made couch mod

It seems a little fragile, but it’s better than having no sofa. Besides being super cheap, it goes well with the rest of the furniture.

15. Cool book case

cool book case mod

Precarious? Nope. At least, no more than an IKEA bookshelf.

16. Future astronaut’s room

Future Astronanunt Room

Looking at the ceiling of my college bedroom before going to sleep: Good night, Neil Armstrong! Good night, weird college student…

17. The post-it notes decor

Thousands of Post it Notes mod

What a beautiful wallpaper this guy has in his college bedroom. Oh, wait…

18. TGIF dorm room decor

TGIF Dorm Room decor mod

Motivational college bedroom decor! So you don’t miss other’s encouragement when you’re alone.

19. Awesome girl’s dorm room decor


Girls like it tidy and neat! Like this college bedroom decor, super clean and organized.

20.The can pyramid

can pyramid mod

The ultimate piece of design for a college bedroom: the can pyramid.


Source: apartmentgeeks.net

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