3 Useful Tips For Small Bedroom Storage

3 Useful Tips For Small Bedroom Storage

Most people don’t have a massive bedroom with ample space. Many people don’t possess a massive bedroom that looks like photographers should photograph it for a home and garden magazine. Many people have small bedrooms that can just barely hold a bed, desk and dresser. When it comes to smaller bedrooms, you can still keep them extremely tidy by using your space strategically.

Under the Bed


In nearly every bedroom, the bed is the piece of furniture that sucks up the most space. Take back the space that the bed occupies by utilizing the area under the bed for storage. For example, store items you don’t use often in large, low baskets, and slide them under the bed. Or purchase a bed that has built-in storage. Many platform beds come with shelves or drawers already attached, making the need for a dresser obsolete. Other platform beds come with a hydraulic lift system so that you can store larger items directly under the mattress.




Along the Walls


Even if your bedroom lacks square footage, it definitely doesn’t lack wall space. Take advantage of the ample wall space that you have and put it to use. For example, install shelves of all different sizes and shapes for your various storage needs. Standard bookshelves are suitable for books, binders, journals and other materials, whereas shelves with glass or wood doors are more appropriate for the things you want to store out of direct sight. Screw hooks into the wall for an additional place to hang clothes.




Maximize the Closet

Once of the issues with small bedrooms is that they often come with small closets, and the contents of the closet can easily spill out onto the rest of the room, making it appear cluttered and even smaller. Prevent this by maximizing your closet’s potential. For example, install a second closet rod either above or below the original one. Use this either for clothes that you don’t wear often or for low hanging clothes like trousers. Install a top shelf to store out-of-season clothes or hobby apparel that you don’t use often like a bicycle helmet or roller blading pads. Install hooks on the available wall space for items like belts, bags and ties.






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