7 Inspirational Landscape Garden Lighting Design Ideas

7 Inspirational Landscape Garden Lighting Design Ideas

Garden Illumination is undoubtedly the most important element in the design of the landscape of your backyard or garden. All lighting is also important outside the house. It gives the house a special charm and a unique view into the spirit of the highlights of the central parts of the old city. Equipping your garden with different lighting devices, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful extravaganza, that puts the emphasis in the right places and transforms yard into a fairyland, where you want to enjoy the infinity of harmony and privacy. Landscape plants and trees blend perfectly illuminated. Even if in your possession lamps powered by low voltage, you can identify with them and flower gardens create a unique atmosphere. Notice how the spotlight placed under trees and shrubs, making them more visually appealing. The first and most important rule – night lighting should not be seen during the day. It is required that the lighting fixtures, lamps and lanterns shall not stand out in exterior in the daytime. Especially now there are a lot of decorative elements, which allow to disguise the bulbs under the decorative elements. It can be as beautiful lampshades hanging from trees, or garden gnomes holding the lamps or the ordinary at first glance, a vase that begin to cover the territory of a gentle and subdued light in the night. Also, no less important technical aspect. Wires should be well hidden and not to be apparent. Plus, they must be well insulated and hidden to prevent the ingress of moisture or damage.


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