18+ Creative And Easy DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

18+ Creative And Easy DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

You may not be a master chef but you can definitely make your meal a lot better and tastier by adding freshly picked herbs instead of store brought ones. Growing herbs at home lets you to have your own fresh herb store and additionally bids you with an all-new hobby to pursue.

Although, gardening needs time, dedication and enough space, herb garden is simple to grow and easy to preserve. Herb Gardens can be grown in side in any small portion of your house like the kitchen, balcony or the window sills. It is not necessary to grow an extensive range of herbs but the ones you use frequently in cooking can always find a pot in your home.

We have compiled 18 Creative DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas that you can consider for your home.

Creative DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas:

1) Palm Leaf Garden

This tropical hanging planter is created from dried palm leaf and fabric ties where the soil is put in a fabric pouch.

2) Wall Garden

Utilise your empty wall space and recreate it into a garden.  Build wall garden by using wood brackets and old pots.

3) Hanging Glass Garden

It’s a clever way to fashion old glass bottles; suspend near a window from curtain rods for added effect.

4) Mason Jar Herb Garden


Mason jars are one of the popular supplies for DIY herb garden. They can be easily fit in kitchen counters.

5) Bird Cage Planter


The bird cage herb planter can be placed near to the window sill of your kitchen. It not only add taste but also prominences you kitchen with a vintage look.

6) Handbag Planter


A light weight – portable planter, it is. Going to your friend’s place to cook? Carry your handbag herb planter along.

7) Chandelier Planter


If your kitchen has a balcony, you can hang the old chandelier there, place pot and create your own aesthetic culinary herb planter.

8) Lattice Shelves Herb Garden

Lattice herb shelves are ideal for windows. Join the lattice using ropes and wires and suspend from the ceiling.

9) Bulb Herb Planters


Old light bulbs can be made to urban herb garden. Remove the bottom along with the wires.

10) Tin Can Herb Planter


Tins are available aplenty. Use your old grocery tins for a handy and compact herb garden.

11) Herb Basket


Like the handbag, an herb basket is also a trending portable way to plant culinary herbs.

12) Rolling Cart Herb Garden


Transform your rolling cart into a mobile indoor herb garden and add flavours to your meals.

13) Pint Glass and IKEA wine rack


Compiled from IKEA Vurm wine bottle holder and pint glasses, and mounted horizontally on the wall. Use your old IKEA wine rack to a new kitchen component.

14) PVC pipe herb planter


You can give a new dimension to unused PVC pipes by incorporating this creative DIY indoor herb garden idea.

15) Shoe Organizer Herb Garden


This can be the easiest way to grow herbs and efficient way to use old shoe organizer.

16) Gift box Herb Garden

Gift your loved one the art of gardening fresh herbs. Every time they cook a meal, you will be blessed.

17) Embroidery Hoop Planter


Use your old embroidery hoop and transform it to an aesthetic hanging planter. The pot used here is ceramic which you can replace with metal as well.

18) Old Ladder Herb Garden


An old ladder can be made into a kitchen corner indoor herb garden, where you can grow a large variety of herbs all together.

Some more DIY Indoor Herb Garden Ideas:




These creative DIY indoor herb garden ideas will fill your home with fresh aromatic cuisines.  However, remember that herbs require a lot of sunlight to grow faster, so ensure the place you choose gets adequate sunlight.

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